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In Korea, a lot of foods are seasonal.

While you can get them year-round, you should really eat these foods during the summer months in Korea :)

냉면 - Literally "cold noodles"

(naeng-myeon) If you get the (mool...water) version, the noodles are served in broth with ice in it so its SUPER cold and perfect for hot Korean summer days. There is also a little gochu-jang, cucumbers, and radish on top. The noodles are really hard to break so you usually get scissors with your noodles and you cut them before eating! 비빔냉면 is the noodles without the broth :) (bi-bim-naeng-myeon)

콩국수 - Literally "bean noodle soup"

(kong-gook-su) Like 냉면, this is served in a broth with ice cubes! The noodles are thick and easy to bite and the broth is made of soy beans so its super filling but really low calorie! It's a really healthy treat :)

빙수! - Shaved Ice

(bing-su) I shouldn't have to tell you how amazing 빙수 is. You can get all different flavors and its just AMAZING.

파전 - Spring onion pancake


막걸리 - Rice wine

(mak-geol-li) In Korea, its a tradition to go out and drink 막걸리 and eat 파전 with friends when it rains :)

치킨 - Chicken!

(chi-ken) Its ALSO a tradition to order fried chicken and go out for picnics during the summer. Why chicken? I have no idea hahahhahah :)

What's your favorite summer food?

i wanna try 콩국수 and 막걸리!!
Steamed crabs, crab cakes, seafood salad, and snowballs. They're a staple here
@elidethherrera let's make these
These all sound so good! I really wanna try 빙수, 콩국수, 파전, 막걸리 and 치킨!
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