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I was browsing a couple of articles on InStyle today and this article has caught my attention. The writer was highlighting Taylor Swift drastic style change from the beginning of the year. Is it possible for someone to change their fashion style within a couple of months?
I was looking through the photos to see Taylor's preppy girly style transition to grungy chic style.
Left: She is seen in a polished and sophisticated outfit with a statement pump.
Right: she is wearing a plaid shirt and distress jeans with a pair of canvas shoe.
She used to love showing her abs but now she seems to embrace high-waist line bottoms.
On the left is a classy jumper on the right it's a rocker-chic jumper.
Again, Taylor was all about statement pumps and preppy outfits. Now, it's platform boots and and grungy outfits.
Which style do you like better? And have you even went through a major style change?
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to me it's looks like she's just growing up.
@stephosorio @jordanhamilton @petname83 @Scheherashared You're all right. She looks great with either style and I think she's just experimenting with a new look. Which is not a bad thing. :)
Preppy. The colors and pieces are light and inviting.
There are some grungy outfits that she looks amazing in and some not so its a hit or miss for me.
I've go through style changes all the time....unfortunately for me I dont have one given style, just wear how I feel that day. As for taylor I think I like her preppy look better just cuz there are some grungy looks that dont suit her