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Hey guys! So, it was been confirmed that Miss A's member Jia has left JYP Entertainment... According to JYP Entertainment, on May 20th, Jia's contract has expired with both sides agreeing that it wouldn't be renewed. JYP Entertainment then stated "We cheer on Jia and wish for more success in her future as we've been with each other for a long time. We have finished renewing Fei's contract and we will support her to the best of our abilities in her Chinese and Korean activities. Suzy and Min's contracts have their terms left. Miss A will remain together and they will mostly revolve around solo activities." Jia and Fei debuted with Miss A's Suzy and Min in 2010, and has attracted fans with their amazing dancing ability and charisma. Miss A's last activities as a group was their album Colored, released in March of 2015, which held their hit title track "Only You."
Meng Jia(孟佳) is more commonly known as just Jia. She was born on February 3, 1989 as the only child of her family. She is a Chinese rapper, singer, and actress that debuted in 2010 as a part of Miss A, under JYP Entertainment. Jia is considered one of the best known female celebrity of the Chinese origin that is active in South Korean entertainment. In 2011, she made an appearance in M&D's music video for "Close Your Mouth", and also made several appearances in "Dream High" as a flash mob dancer (ep16), and "Dream High 2" as herself (ep15). In 2015, she landed the role of Xiao Yue in "The Third Way of Love", and even played a female sniper named Phatom in "Undercover Punch and Gun" which was released in 2016.
Wang Feifei(王霏霏) is more commonly known as Fei. She was born on Aptil 27, 1987. She is a Chinese actress, television personality, radio host, and a member of Miss A. Along with former Miss A member Jia, Fei is also considered one of the best known female celebrity of the Chinese origin that is active in South Korean entertainment. She appeared on "Master Chef Korea Celebrity" and won 2nd place! She was also a candidate on "Dancing With The Stars 3". Along with her partner Kim Soo Ro, she won 1st place and solidified her name as a great dancer in the K-Pop industry. In 2014, she was a participated as a part of the Chinese program "If You Love", a dating show in which she had been coupled with Chinese actor Sun Jian. She made an appearance in 2014 in the drama "Temptation" as Jenny, and even sang the drama OST "One Summer Night" alongside Jo Kwon of 2AM in both Korean and English.
We hope to see more of Jia, Fei, and the members of Miss A, and hope that they will stay successful throughout their career!
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