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Sorry I was a bit Late on the Waifu Wednesday/Harem Card I was a bit busy with some of work on my Fan Fic!! SO LET'S GET BACK TO THE HAREM MADNESS!!!! INTRODUCING WAIFU #27 KANZAKI H. ARIA.
Aria Holmes Kanzaki aka Sherlock Holmes IV, is a female transfer student of Butei High School and Female Protagonist of the show. She is an S-Rank Assault Butei. She wishes to Recruit Kinji Tohyama as her partner after their first encounter. Her main goal is to defeat the EU and Exonerate her mother. Over the course of the series she begins to fall in love with Kinji although she has a very hard time expressing her feelings towards him. Sound the Tsundere alarm
Aria has a background as a Butei (Mercenary student) in Europe, namely England, and this is to her Lineage as a descendant of Sherlock Holmes. Aria seems to have started becoming a Butei there, and so this is most likely where she has earned her title of Quadra and her S-Rank Butei. It is also mentioned that she has received the Title of the "Dame of Baskerville".
Aria has ankle-length pink hair tied in two pigtails that reaches her knees. Her Pigtails are decorated with red horn shaped hairpins. She has big magenta/red eyes. She mostly wears the Standard school uniform of the Tokyo Butei High School, and wears black thigh high stockings as well. Aria also hides a pair of Custom Colt Government Model pistols under her skirt. She has a rather big forehead, something she's proud of and Kinji tends to tease her about it. To better display it, she wears a gold heart-shaped hairpin that holds her bangs up. However she did receive a scar on her forehead during a mission to capture the Butei Killer so she was forced cover her forehead.
Personality wise Aria is a very Haughty girl that prioritizes herself most of the time. She is self-centered, rude, has an immature attitude, and Blushes quickly. Aria is very quick to jump to conclusions based on the situation in front of her, although this really doesn't happen in battle. She is a very loud person, and always expresses her opinions shamelessly. She also usually tends to hide her ulterior motives, especially when it came to having Kinji as her partner. She is also irritatingly persistent about almost everything she believes in, but a fair example of this is her belief of her mother's innocence in a crime she believes she didn't commit. Despite her immaturity and her massive Ego, Aria is very dedicated to her loved ones and cares for them deeply, including her mother and Kinji. She's also extremely Loyal and trusts her fellow Butei classmates. She also Loves cute things and sweets especially peach buns. Despite her Battle skills, She is also scared of thunder. Most of these traits seem to not be not unlike Sherlock Holmes in her more original portrayals in the novels (and contemporary portrayals of his novel-based incarnations), in that Aria like Sherlock Holmes she tends to be very brilliant, but often very rude and possibly sociopathic in their social approaches, as well speaking their minds often (Thus missing their marks on deductions and coming off as rude or crude). Did I mention she also share very similar characteristics with Taiga Aisaka from Toradora meaning they are both mega Tsunderes and both Treat their male companions like utter Shit and share the same voice actress in Rie Kugimiya? No? Now you KNOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!
Anyway that is Aria Holmes Kanzaki. When I first started this show, Hidan No Aria, I really wasn't expecting alot but nonetheless I was wrong and I found me a new Waifu for my Harem!! Once again I'D LIKE TO INTRODUCE WAIFU #27 KANZAKI H. ARIA!!!!! @hikaymm @SimplyAwkward @SAMURXAI @tylor619cruz @Aimebolanos @InVinsybll @simplynick @littlemaryk @SimoneSanders #AriaHKanzaki #Badass #Tsundere #Waifu #YouCan'tHaveHer #HidanNoAria
It's the same Duo from Toradora it's Taiga and Ryuuji lol
Omg yes! thx mucho!
I remember this one since the anime club wanted to watch this in the year 2012