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Hey guys! So I don't know if you knew this but, I'm a BIG fan of Fan Fics.I like them so much that I want to start making some! Now the whole reason why I made this card is because I don't know what to make a fan fic about!
If you want a specific group, please choose a group I listen to here is a list of a lot of groups I listen to! (Most of them are boy groups!) BTS,GOT7,VIXX,NCT U,SEVENTEEN, MONSTA X, EXO,EXID,AOA,DAY6,WINNER,UP10TION and more that I can not think of at the moment!
So please leave in the comments an idea for a fan fic! I will try my best to make it at least a good fan fic! And once someone gets an idea for me and I like the idea, sense I can't really edit stuff I would want someone to make like a photo for it! If you don't get what I mean than go check out other fan fics on vingle and you will see a lot!
I just need some suggestions!! So please leave some ideas on the comments! Thank you!!
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BTS or GOT7!!!!!!! Please tag me!