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Now before you start bashing on me about why I'm angry, please hear me out. I hope some of my Vingle fam understands.

So I watching the #KCONLIVECHAT on YouTube earlier this evening and I was trying to listen for the updated artist line up for LA (I know I'm not going to that one, but it's still nice to know) and any other updates on what to expect this year. I couldn't help but be distracted by all the rude people in the live chat saying stuff like "Bring more girl groups!" or "#SAUSAGEFEST" (too many boy groups for their liking) or "KCON LA is gonna suck! I'm suing AXS." repeatedly. So I took it to Twitter to rant about how angry it makes me to see how there could be ungrateful people out there. My tweets before these involved a bit more profanity and I saw more trending tweets of people saying harsh things about KCON, but the screenshots below involved actual interaction with some ungrateful people.
It was a total of 3 people that I got into it with, the first one blocked me completely, and the other 2 stuck around to hear me out for a bit before they stopped responding. Granted, I probably should've never bothered in the first place and kept my nose where it belonged... but it really bothered me with the fact that they can complain so easily, with no shame. Some of you might agree to their sentiments, some of you might not...
I just kept thinking, "This my first time at KCON and I am blessed to have this opportunity to go with my friends. There are some people who can't go, and if I had all the money in the world, I would want to share this opportunity with those who can't experience it." Especially after talking to sooo many people who have asked about the tickets that I was selling and unfortunately couldn't afford it or weren't even allowed to go. It hurts my heart to see comments and messages from people who said "Better luck next year" or "My parents won't let me go", it really does. I really wish I could share my moments at KCON with everyone.
I may have lost respect in the eyes of some of you guys, and some maybe not. And that's okay. But I just hope at least some of you understood where I was coming from and that some of you can relate...
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Honestly everyone should just be happy that bts is going to both
I might not attend kcon, but for people who can and will please be grateful... Not many people are as fortunate
My daughter and I are just happy we now have tickets to NY. People were like that when the GOT7 tickets were sold here in Atlanta. A lot complained because they didn't get the seats they wanted....geez, a lot of us couldn't get tickets. We lost ours in the middle of check out when Ticketmaster crashed. It seems like people are just a lot more ungrateful these days....
@bnrenchilada right!? Why can't people just be happy that they're even coming to the US? ๐Ÿ˜”
Okay, I understand that it's stupid if one place has less idols than the other place but then just go to the place that has the idols that you want. I'm one of those people who can't go and I would do almost anything to go. I would love the opportunity to go and see some of my favorite idols and it is annoying that people are hating on kcon and the idols when they have the opportunity to see them in person.
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