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Can they put their names in the history books?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are on fire and no one can stop them right now! They won their tenth straight playoff games are currently undefeated. LeBron James recorded a triple-double and Kyrie was just on fire! And Tyronne would not expect him to be a rookie coach either!
Now, they are looking at tying and potentially breaking an NBA playoff record of eleven straight wins! And at this pace, I think they have a great shot at breaking it!

Here is a full video highlights of tonight's game between the Cavs and the Raptors!

Basketball fans,

Do you think the Cavaliers can go undefeated and make it to the finals?

Haha yeah and their 3s aren't as great as they were before too!
I mean sure...but they're facing the freakin Toronto Raptors. Three teams in the west (Warriors, GSW, Spurs) could've gone undefeated if they played the same teams that the Cavs have played.