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Hii Sky here! I'm here to bring you the latest news. Today is about the group Big Brain's latest song "Love Love".
Big Brain is a 4 membered group that debuted on October 22nd 2015 with Welcome. Their music is R&B/Ballad and its so beautiful.
Kim Jin Yong
Mo Sang Hoon
Yoon Hong Hyun
Hwang Byung Eun
Unfortunately its very hard (darn near impossible to find pictures and info on them. I will keep looking and update from time to time if i find anything.)
Heres a link to their M Countdown debut stage.
Heres a couple more of their songs. They are all amazing but I must say NO-YEs is my favorite.
Break Away
NO-YEs (my personal favorite)
Here's the teaser. I'm so excited to hear this song. I just learned about them but i love them already!! I hope more people start to listen and be interested in them.
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Nice song! 🙆
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One of my favorite discoveries of 2015... Love them! The voices on these guys!! Pipes for days!! Saw them on Sketchbook, legit blew me away with the live performance!
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@MaritessSison I KNOW RIGHT!! I was like DAYUM!!! i legit swooned and cried it was a mess!! I'm sad there isn't much on them and that they don't have much of a fanbase cause they deserve it!!! (Sky)
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