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*cringes* He is getting out of control! Apparently.. JB is too immature to get in line to go into the washroom in a night club.. This is disgucting.. and the so-called "Wild Kidz" are even proud enough to video this..
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@relinashinee lol.. maybe we'll have a hard timne.. he's always surrounded byt this "Lil" rappers.. lol
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@shoenami datz alryt, il knock them out 1 by 1 buh awat frm each othr.. den we will fyn him n kidnap him... teehee
4 years ago·Reply
@relinashinee after kidnapping him...? next step? lol
4 years ago·Reply
Who the hell does dat ill lol
4 years ago·Reply
@swaboss239 Justin Bieber.. who else? lol
4 years ago·Reply