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"So warm." Jay mumble under his breath, making me snuggle more into his embrace. "Yah! What you think you're doing to my baby cousin, Jay." Chase chuckled ask he spoke. "He comforting me. This is all overwhelming."
I looked over at Chase and saw that he was smirking. "Well as long as it him." Jay softly laughed, but it was cut short when a chill in the air creep on all of us. We all looked in the door way, and saw a silver hair man knock at the open glass door.
"Oh wow, she really is here." Jay quickly moved me behind him. "Jiyong-ah you're my boy, but remember the truth we have. You're on my territory." The silver hair man, Jiyong, smiled as he chuckle and nodded his head.
"I know, its actually why I'm here. I wanted her to feel safe when I met her finally." I blinked as I looked over at Jiyong from behind Jay. "Luci, this is my kind's prince, Jiyong. You might know him as G Dragon of BigBang."
Gray introduced him, but what Gray told me before made me fear him a bit. "Are you here for my blood? I just got here." Jiyong softly laughed as he looked in Gray's direction.
"You told her that? She not mortal... It only seems that way cause she dorminat." My arms wrap around Jay's waist, and his hand rubbed my forearm. "So it was a joke?" Simon spoke up as Jiyong nodded his head.
"I'm actually planning to make her my wife. The phoenix will make a perfect queen for demons and vampires." Jay left my arms going limp as Jiyong words hit. "I'm...I'm... Not human?"
I moved to Jay side, but never broke eye contact from Jiyong. "Oh so they decided to keep you out of the supernatural world. That not right... Cause you're destine to awaken on your 25th birthday."
Jay held my hand firmly, so that I didn't leave his side. "That why she here, we're introducing her to our world. Slowly working on telling her too that she was the Phoenix."
I looked up at Jay instantly when he spoke. I even realize, he was a hybrid, so he wasn't bond by the wolve's alpha leader's orders. Jiyong clear his throat, and it had gotten my attention.
"Why don't you come spend some time with me, Luci. I give you my word, no one will hurt you. I'm not bound by anyone, so I can answer all and every question you may have." Jiyong took off his shades, and his eyes were a dark brown.
I looked around, a bit lost on how to handle anything at the moment. "Our time with her limited, today. If you want to spend time with Luci, you're gonna have to do it another time." Simon moved forward between me and Jiyong.
"Oh really?" He lean in the door way, as I noticed Jiyong wasn't entering the room at all. "Is he not coming closer, because of the wolves protecting me?" I looked up at Jay, and he shook his head.
"It's cause he not welcome here when you are here. Only vampires allow inside this room at the moment, is Gray, and Elo." I looked over at Seong Hwa and Elo, and got a wink from them both.
"Though you can change that, Luci. I promise you, I mean no harm." Jiyong spoke, which made me look in his direction this time. He was smiling warmly, which was drawing me in slowly. My chest started to burn, the moment I locked eye contact with Jiyong.
It began to get harder to breath, and my knees buckled. If it wasn't for Jay, I would be kneeling down on the floor. Instead, he held me up as I try to grasp for air. "What did you do to her Jiyong-ah!"
Simon growled, as the others were standing up, waiting for do something when needed. Jiyong held up his hands in defense. "All I did was look at her, nothing else." I shook my head, while my entire body started to feel like it was on fire.
Jiyong made eye contact with me once again, and smirked. "Her eyes are blue, I think she's awakening...a year early but its possible." The room had started to spin, before it blacked out complete.
When I came to, I was in what was my room. The sun had already gone down, so the room was dark. I slowly sat up, to look around, and saw no one around. "AH! OH MY STESS!!" I got up and ran down the stairs as fast as I could.
I nearly stubble down, but a cooling set of hands got caught me."Now now little birdy, you just woke up...why you running?" I looked up and saw the person that caught me was Jiyong. "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!"
A young girl yelled, before pushing me on the stairs, and away from Jiyong. He caught my arm though, to make sure their was no impact from her pushing me.Since she was very strong fo a little girl.
"Nari! That is no way to treat your cousin." The older version of her came over, to scold the younger one. "That's the cousin Appa told us about? She looks nothing like us." She gave me a dirty look, as Jiyong help me stand up.
"That what I told Appa." Hyuk Joon spoke as he join us. Uncle Mark and Areum joined us soon after. "Wow, You're staying with a whole pack of wolves. You should feel safe, my little birdy."
I just sat down on the stairs, and hung my head. "Thanks for answering my mental question, Jiyong-ssi. Though I figure that they were wolves when Hyuk Joon, growled at me." I fidgeted a bit, as Jiyong touch my hands to make me stop, and look up at him.
"Luci-ah, Do you even feel safe here with your family?" He looked over at my family, before looking back at me. It seem they were all waiting for my answer. "Yes I feel safe with them, just a little unwelcome. But can you blame them, When I last saw my uncle and aunt, they only had Areum, and she wasn't even one years old yet."
He pet my head, when Jiyong walked through the door. "AH! ITS JAY PARK OMG TODAY IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!" Nari was jumping up and down, before tackle hugging Jay. He was stable as he caught her in his arms.
"Stay for dinner, than after I can rap for you, Jaebum oppa." Jiyong just shook his head as he sat down on the stairs with me. "Oh? Does this sweet cub have skills? Wait?" Jay pulled away and looked over Nari, before taking a deep breath.
"I think Jay-ssi remembers you from your auditions, Nari-ssi." They all looked at me, before back at Jay. He was rubbing the back of his next, and looked away. "Let's eat first, before we talk about your skills."
Jay spoke, as Jiyong got up and took my hand. I looked up at Jiyong a bit confused, but realized he can eat normal food too. "Luci, you are officially my favorite cousin. You brought over Jay Park and G Dragon."
Nari was extremely excited over our guest, but I just saw it as a good thing. At least I got one out of three to like me. Hyuk Joon was watching me light a hungry wolf. I felt like if I made one wrong move, was going to attack.
We all ended up sitting at the table, with my uncle and aunt at the head of the table. Nari stole the seat between Jay and Jiyong, as I sat between Hyuk Joon and Areum. "Sorry I haven't been able to properly greet you yet, Luci-ssi. Its nice to finally meet you and be able to remember you."
Areum and I smiled at each other, before shaking hands. "Nice to see you again too, Areum. It actually does warm my heart, to see you all grown up. I used to pretend like you were my little sister, when we where young. Mainly cause I wanted a younger sibling."
We both chuckle and bonded a bit. So now I had two out of three siblings to like me. As well as a yummy seafood theme dinner. Nari kept hitting on Jay and Jiyong, but mostly Jay. Areum and Uncle Mark were trying to get Nari to cool down, as my aunt recorded the moment on her phone.
Hyuk Joon, just ate his food quietly, while watching is all. I went to reach for the last roll, since I haven't had any, cause Jay and Jiyong ate it out of nervousness, and Hyuk Joon stuffing his face. The moment I touch it though, Hyuk Joon growled at me.
I just took it and place it on his plate, before pulling away from him. Jay had saw this and growl as well. Everyone looked at Jay, and saw his eyes were glowing a golden-red mix. "What is your problem? Just cause she's not a wolf, doesn't mean you can treat her that way. Heck she's older than you as well, so show your noona some respect."
Hyuk Joon sulked down, and hung his head, before putting the roll on my plate. "Seriously? I had to have a hybrid alpha put you in your place, Hyuk Joon." My uncle shook his head at the moment.
"Now now, I don't he is doing anything wrong. She a stranger to him, so you can't expect all wolves to warm up to her instantly, like you and me, Jay." Jiyong made me even more confused. I wasn't sure who side he was on now.
Those two bickered about the situation, as I just ripped the roll in half, and offer it to Hyuk Joon. "Jiyong-ssi does have a point. The way we met as well, doesn't help either. So think of this as a peace treaty."
He looked at the half roll, before looking up at me. "I meant what I said eariler today. I mean no harm, according to the infomation I got from Jiyong, I'm still mortal until my 25th birthday."
Hyuk Joon took a deep breath, and ate the roll. The boys stop bickering to look at me with the rest of the family. Uncle Mark clear his throat, while looking at Jiyong. "That was suppose to be a secret from her Jiyong-ssi. We don't even know if she will awaken at all. Its best she doesn't anyway."
Jiyong just looked me in the eyes, and gave me his winning smile. "I hope she does, so I can propose to my beautiful birdy." Nari looked pissed off at Jiyong's words, as Jay pretended to gag. Jiyong shot a glare at Jay as he smiled proudly at his acting.
"If she's not a wolf, then does Jiyong-hyung nickname mean she's a bird?" Hyuk Joon looked confused by all of this, too. "She actually the Phoenix to be... and if she does end up being the Phoenix, she's best off with a Hybrid, over a vampire."
I just looked at the two of them, glaring at each other, as my uncle sighed heavily. Hyuk Joon looked at me shocked, while Nari looked at me with rage. My aunt actually stop recording, and Areum from while eating a spoon full of rice.
It seem only my Uncle, Jay and Jiyong knew what I could be. Let alone, that I might be something of legendary status...
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