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The trip is called the spring mountain hike.
The guest is Kang Minkyung. She was born 1990-Aug-03. That makes her 25 in age. She is a singer and actress. She is in the group Davichi. Davichi is known for ost for dramas. Kang Minkyung is also a actress in "My Dearest Lady" and "Vampire Idol". In variety shows she has been on "Immortal Songs 2" and "Dating Alone".

Two of her songs.

"This Love" from Descendents of The Sun". Released 2016-Mar-10. This song is about saying thanks to someone who was hurt because of you.the reason you thanked them was because they stayed because they loved you. "It's Okay That's Love" from "It's Okay That's Love". Released 2014-Jul-30. This one is about a very logical person falling in love and the other person having to reassure them that love is a okay thing to have. Their first album was "Vivid Summer Edition" in 2008. Their most popular album is their "Hug" album that came out is 2015.
So first they did a quiz about hiking to see who gets the heaviest bag. some of the quiz questions were about bears and boars and what to do if you see them. Joohyuk got that. Then they hike up half the mountain. After that they start the lunch game of chance. Then hike the rest up and set up camp for only one. The rest go down the mountain and have dinner. It is a very funny trip with dorkness and silliness.