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⬆ pictures of me ⬆ February 2016 I went to the New York global audition for SM Entertainment. My name is Stephen, instagram @yeicheu. I am half Vietnamese, half white. 22 years old. I always dreamed of being a kpopstar since I saw my first MV of Shinees "ring ding dong", then my favorite group became 2PM, lover of the rapper roles. I went to the audition, not looking my best, I was in the perfect relationship and was afraid of being picked, so I didn't dress well or do my hair. I bombed my audition, and 3 months later was dumped, so FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, DON'T GET BLINDED BY LOVE!! OK~ so, New York SM audition. arrive at the venue, it was a hotel, very long line. Lots of asians, but way more non-asians. You are soon given a number, then seated in a room and given a sheet of paper asking what your applying for, you may only pick one. ● singer ● dancer ● model ● actor I am not super confident in my dancing, my singing isn't awesome because of my deep voice, so I picked model. I was told models were to do 9 poses. 3 poses, walk forward, 3 poses, walk back, 3 poses. the waiting room had a big projector screen playing SM music videos. 2 hours later, my group of 10 was taken into a room, singers sang first, then dancers, then models, then actors. It came my turn, and I did my poses, they played some elegant piano music. I finished my 9 poses, but they didn't stop the music. we were not allowed to look at the judges, but I glanced up and the judges were giving me the hand motion to do more. I did 6 additional poses. The SM people told us we would all be contacted by email if we were picked or not. I never got an email, but the additional poses seemed to be a good sign. I'm confident if I didn't try to bomb my audition, I may have had a better chance. Moral is.... follow your dreams, try your best for everything, because you never know what good could come of it in the long run. ✌
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@Yeicheu woww you are sooo handsome I am sooo glad you went for the audition defintely please keep following your dreams something better will definitely come your way btw I am also from New York and I heard they are also holding Kpop star auditions in New york city if you are interested please check out this article i wish you the BEST OF LUCK in your future journey I hope to hear a good news from you soon :).
Why are you so yummy looking? 🙃
Your good looking 😳
Oh lord have mercy your beautiful!!!! I agree with following your dreams because my dreams brought me to Japan!!!! I wish you the best of luck on your audition!!! Hwaiting!!!!!
Reading @Yeicheu experience I wanna try out for SM Global. I wouldn't really care if I get in because at least they know I tried my best.(plus I would try to do my best at dancing even though I can't dance that well)