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⬆ pictures of me ⬆ February 2016 I went to the New York global audition for SM Entertainment. My name is Stephen, instagram @yeicheu. I am half Vietnamese, half white. 22 years old. I always dreamed of being a kpopstar since I saw my first MV of Shinees "ring ding dong", then my favorite group became 2PM, lover of the rapper roles. I went to the audition, not looking my best, I was in the perfect relationship and was afraid of being picked, so I didn't dress well or do my hair. I bombed my audition, and 3 months later was dumped, so FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, DON'T GET BLINDED BY LOVE!! OK~ so, New York SM audition. arrive at the venue, it was a hotel, very long line. Lots of asians, but way more non-asians. You are soon given a number, then seated in a room and given a sheet of paper asking what your applying for, you may only pick one. ● singer ● dancer ● model ● actor I am not super confident in my dancing, my singing isn't awesome because of my deep voice, so I picked model. I was told models were to do 9 poses. 3 poses, walk forward, 3 poses, walk back, 3 poses. the waiting room had a big projector screen playing SM music videos. 2 hours later, my group of 10 was taken into a room, singers sang first, then dancers, then models, then actors. It came my turn, and I did my poses, they played some elegant piano music. I finished my 9 poses, but they didn't stop the music. we were not allowed to look at the judges, but I glanced up and the judges were giving me the hand motion to do more. I did 6 additional poses. The SM people told us we would all be contacted by email if we were picked or not. I never got an email, but the additional poses seemed to be a good sign. I'm confident if I didn't try to bomb my audition, I may have had a better chance. Moral is.... follow your dreams, try your best for everything, because you never know what good could come of it in the long run. ✌
Glad you gave it a try at least and you can try again next year right?!
randomly joining the conversation here but I hope you get another chance at your goals! fighting!
there's always next year! and *never falls in love* love kills ;-; But yeah try again next year it'll be awesome to see you on a korean magazine :3 ooooo OMF WHAT IF U BECOME AN ACTOR AS WELL LIKE WHAT *^*
I am so glad that you went for it! I, at times, have chosen fear over my hopes and dreams and it is honestly the most idiotic thing I have ever chosen. So, don't let anything hold you back. Just look ahead, keep a few supportive people around you to help you stay strong, and just look straight down the path you have paved in front of you and stare right at your hopes and dreams. If you look away even once or get distracted, you might lose a little bit of it every time.
Are those seriously your pictures!?!? You look amazing. You already look the part of a model. I support you, and don't give up on singing and dancing. If you wanna be a kpop star do everything you are capable of and willing to do to get there. Dreams are not achieved by pure want, you have to reach out for it. Fighting!
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