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For @shoenami Made in 1983, The Outsiders, based off the novel by S.E. Hinton of the same name, is about two poor greasers, Johnny and Ponyboy who are assaulted by a vicious gang, the Socs (Socials). When Johnny kills one of the attackers, tension begins to mount between the two rival gangs setting off a turbulent chain of events. Starring: C. Thomas Howell, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Matt Dillon, Tom Cruise, Diane Lane, Leif Garrett, Ralph Macchio, etc...
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They are all so young !
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I know. I remember watching this when I was a little girl. I had such a big crush on Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe.^^
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Tom cruise must have been added for star value. Its a coppola film and that will also count.
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