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I was listening to My Chemical Romance last night and a lot of high school memories rushed into my head. One of the things I remember was when my mom gave my hair red streaks. For half of the school year, a couple of friends thought I was going through a emo-kid phase.

I know scene hair was big during the 90s an early 00s but is it still popular?

Below are some modern styles I found on the web.

This is possibly influenced by the pastel hair trend.

I haven't see highlights mixed like this before. The are on the cooler side of the spectrum.

Here's a classic layered scene hairstyle. Full on the top and thin on the bottom.

I dont' see that many people with these hairstyles anymore, but when I do I always think they look cute! I think more than just one style we just have so many different popular styles these days
the first picture made me think back to high school. that was like the scene look. a lot of people questioned if it looked like a lion style. @SarahVanDorn you'll get a kick out a this. it's like going back to high school days. make you feel young again! lol
@SweetDuella Sweeeet! Didn't mean to rhyme with your username but I can't help it. Did you continue with Cosmo? Would love to see some of your work!
@SweetDuella dang. your friend is brave!
@HairConfetti brown, a dark brown
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