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I was listening to My Chemical Romance last night and a lot of high school memories rushed into my head. One of the things I remember was when my mom gave my hair red streaks. For half of the school year, a couple of friends thought I was going through a emo-kid phase.

I know scene hair was big during the 90s an early 00s but is it still popular?

Below are some modern styles I found on the web.

This is possibly influenced by the pastel hair trend.

I haven't see highlights mixed like this before. The are on the cooler side of the spectrum.

Here's a classic layered scene hairstyle. Full on the top and thin on the bottom.

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@SweetDuella dang. your friend is brave!
@HairConfetti. lol she was. we were in Cosmo program together so we would experiment a lot, she went down the color route and I ended up sticking to red but changed but haircut around to keep up with the new scene styles of the time.
@SweetDuella Sweeeet! Didn't mean to rhyme with your username but I can't help it. Did you continue with Cosmo? Would love to see some of your work!
@HairConfetti. lol its cool. yes I continued. sadly I haven't gotten to do too much color. its mostly haircuts and a lot of updos. I just do color on myself lately it seems. I'll have to post pics at some point. ☺
With a pretty face any hairstyle or color will look nice.