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Gosh... he looks really good in this video.. I couldn't even care what he's saying! I just couldn't stop staring!!! <3
I just adore him <3 I'd do anything to see him live..
He's really good looking and charming always. <3
@ameliasantos10,yes you're right he's not the only one...they're so many around the world not evn husband's also boyfriend's...because of the charisma that lee min ho has so many people all over the world going crazy and really falling in love on the way pls inform me about new issue or new or updates about him and pls do tag me in his photo if u have time...thank you and god bless!!!
@deys29 well, I can assure you! he's not the only husband who's jealous of lee Min Ho..hahaha
you're right amelia he's really handsome in this know what?my husband really jealous with lee min ho since we were apart now because im here in italy and he's in the philippines.i ask my cousin to bought me his album and my husband will bring it here to me.i also ask him to buy 1 t-shirt of bench hahaha he told me that he's going crazy about me...i really like lee min ho so much!!!