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Sorry, I haven't posted in a while!!! :/

The other day...

Amidst a download spree, I stumbled upon this pic. Like, DANG. LOOK AT IT. Just staring made me wish for better photo shop skills since I don't see myself meeting BTS anytime soon *sobs*

They're glorious, guys.

I searched and was delighted to find more photo-shopped pics to fuel my daydreaming~ There were so many that I liked, but I narrowed them down to my favorites. Mind you, I don't know who the girls are since I haven't really looked at girl groups that much... Credits to these wonderful accounts especially: Nadsehwangbtsxarkbangtan_thearkHikariKidabtsxgfrdbts_friendyukookju_yjk there are plenty more out there, I bet!~

Let's get started, shall we? :D

Rap Monster

Honestly, it took a while to find this many edits of Rap Mon (why were there so little... :( ). There probably are more edits lying around though, waiting to be discovered.


Ah, Jin would take such cute selcas with his girlfriend if he had one... Heck, they all would, wouldn't they? Again, didn't find many edits of this oppa :|


The pairings just get cuter~ Not as many edits of Suga either... More love to the Hyung Line, please!! >.<


He looks good, non? Imagine him making her laugh practically ALL the time and the public getting spammed with pics of their merry moments.


I miss The Ark even though I didn't stan them or anything. Seeing BTS react to their cover was absolutely precious! Plus, I think Jimin would look good with their former leader, who, if I remember correctly, LOVES dance.


The Maknae Line had A LOT of edits. Glad they're receiving so much love~ If V kisses a girl in that new drama of his, it'll be another fangirl death for me especially since he's my bias.


So much love for the maknae! I even stumbled onto an account completely dedicated to shipping Jungkook with female idols.

A.R.M.Y.s, you still alive?

Which one(s) were your favorite???

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did~ There are definitely a lot more out there so if you want more, just dig a bit and check out those accounts mentioned at the top - most of them are Instagram accounts! 1st time making a card on my laptop. Hope it looks okay :3


Dude I cant even take pictures let alone photoshop one
their all so good! love 'em!
damn the one who did Suga was really good 👌❤
Oh my lord this is adorable. I have to get photoshop back on my computer to create these. ...nah...I'll probably die if I make them.
My heartue
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