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I just realized that Akainu did not, in fact, burn fire. To to save Luffy, Ace had to stop Akainu and in order to do so he needed to shift to his physical/solid form (or maybe semi) I cant believe that it took me this long to figure that out. What was i doing with my life? So what do you think? Makes sense or what?
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You should put *spoilers in this card* because im sure many people beginning to watch One Piece would get pretty upset lol
I just wanna know why Ace just couldn't use haki so he'd be able to save luffy and survive the hit.
I'm confident that Akainu actually did 'burn fire' since he is magma, and in OP that trumps mere fire.
@InVinsybll but does it trump phoenix fire?
@AimeBolanos I also wish he put spoiler alert in the card I just watched luffy escape the prison for the first time... I'm pretty pissed now!