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WAHH!! It's already been a year since the 'Eat Jin' Series started!! Lets go back to where it all started shall we~ Back to the very first Eat Jin video Jin made: ^_^
[May 20 2015] 밥 먹는 김석진 Now if you don't know what 'Eat Jin' is because your (clearly) not or just not a hardcore BTS fan or is just another new fan of BTS [Welcome!! Welcome to all!!] , 'Eat Jin' is a Mukbang (eating show) series by Kim Seokjin from BTS which he started exactly a year ago (150520) where he shows himself eating as well as taste testing, telling his first taste impression for each food as he goes along,
Well...Lets get started with this 'Eat Jin' business cause I got all your backs new comers out there with this 'Eat Jin' compilation videos ^_^ WARNING: Spending your precious life watching a grown man eat 😌 [*cough* TOTALLY WORTH IT THO 😂😍] And if you know/heard or seen Eat Jin already.. ENJOYY ANOTHER MARATHON OF EAT JIN THEN!! 😂🙌🏼


Cr:Owner STUFF WE LOVE ABOUT JIN (eating edition)
As for being the oldest in Bangtan, JIN always finds time to cook for his dongsaeng: =1st BTS Birthday party Being a loveable Omma-Hyung, Jin always feeds his dongsaeng 😍: =Omma Jin Shopping with the kids ㅋㅋ:
Proud that #HappyEatJinDay trended #7 Worldwide on Twitter Great Work ARMY!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Tell me in the comments where Jin sits on your bias list? Or has he ever tried wrecking or has wrecked it already? Leave a comment of what else you love about Jin?? 🙌🏼🙌🏼
I LOVE watching Jin eat. It's like a secret hobby. There's something so satisfying watching someone enjoy food soo much. plus the way he munches it's too adorable!
Since I just recently got into BTS Jin became my bias from the first day. I just think he is sweet, adorable, and those lips, and also the fact that he loves Mario so much which is the first game I grew up with.
Jin has been my UB since the start haha I don't think anyone can shake that haha