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It's the end of the week, and I'm in a cleaning!
I might have missed the spring cleaning bug this year, but for some reason, I have the urge to clean right now! Which means I want to organize my makeup. Which means I'm convinced it's time to upgrade my vanity situation.

Let's check out some beautiful inspiration stations!

I wish I had as much natural light as this girl.
RxDocMaria has an amaaaazzinnnng bathroom & setup!
I actually have an amazing vanity just like this one (well, it has a full length mirror actually! and tri-fold mirrors!) waiting for me at my parents' house, but I don't have the money to full restore it yet or to bring it to my place. It was my great aunt's before she passed. This vanity of this girl's vanity is sooooo enviable, though!
Simple, but perfectly usable!
Don't want a desk? Try a bookshelf! You can sit wherever you want to do the makeup, and it'll look really pretty on the shelf~
The recessed shelving is soooooo pretty!!!

So, are you inspired? :)

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2 years ago·Reply
@HerosBells I'll look it up!!
2 years ago·Reply
Im so sad I'm not taking my vanity with me now that I'm moving into my dorm.
2 years ago·Reply
@stephosorio I totally understand :( I got my vanity senior year of high school, and then moved away for 4 years. then I moved to Asia for 2 years so I've never been able to have mine!! :(
2 years ago·Reply
U don't have to fully restore it. I have one from smnes garage. I cleaned chalk painted & polished the hardware for minimal cost. I am having a tough time with drawer organizers for these narrow drawers☹
2 years ago·Reply