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I did NOT know this was possible. I'm no false lash expert; I usually have my dear @angelipon help me apply them, lol. But....well I think this will blow the minds of even the most experienced lash wearers!

Watch how she puts the false lashes UNDER (rather than over) her lash line!

Seriously amazing! I was surprised at how much more natural this looked, and the only reason I even knew that this was possible was after seeing a particularly beautiful post where the wearer linked this video. Amazing, no?

Would you be willing to try this?

While it looks difficult, I think it also looks more seamless & easier to blend, especially if you have a fairly wide lash line like me!
the things we do for eyelashes
at first I thought she was Uma Thurman
😮 WHAT?! It looks soooo much more natural! I'm totally trying this! Have you tried it yet, @hikaymm? Thanks for the Great tip! ^_^