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Have You Met This Cutie?

If you haven't checked out Re:Zero yet (read: you should), then you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Puck! This card is devoted to showing off his ADORABLENESS so that we can allllll enjoy it a bit more :D

This is Puck!

While Puck can be scary when Puck's HUGE....
...he's so loyal you can't help but love him!
He can ~hover~
He knows how to fight :D
He's got SUPER soft ears~
and looooooves a good cuddle!

I love this little guy!!

This is now added to my anime list, just for Puck.
@Priscillasdoor It's a.....thing. :D
is it a cat or a dog?
Puck is my spirit animal lol
I've watched it now lol
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