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Ayo wasssuppp! The time has finally arrived. Day 12 of the 12 Days of EXO Community Challenge is here! Day 12 is all about Galaxy Hyung. Wu Yifan. Our own Kris Wu. Wooo!! It's been a crazy 12 Days but let's end it with a bang! Maybe it stems from being a dragon as well, but I love this guy. He is so funny. He tries so hard to be cool but he's such a huge clumsy dork. He cracks me up. Not to mention, he's pretty damn sexy. And that voice... I'm pretty sure all of my friends think I'm obsessed with him because I always talk about him and how he is in the new XXX movie along with Vin Disel (I won't lie I love me some Vin Disel ♡). I have problems lol. Kris is awesome in my book. He's just too amazing not to love. His style is always on point. Sometimes out there but it works for him. They don't call him Galaxy for nothing. So let's show some love for EXO's Papa. Credit to da owners of these beauts.
He's sexy but then he does stuff like this...
Excuse me... I die laughing at this every time. Who could possibly resist his sexy mumbling through a glass? XD
Something I don't see enough of is Kris's relationship with Chanyeol. These two together cracked me up. The animosity, the shit talking, that's real love. Like true brothers. It's fitting because they're both ridiculously tall dorks.
Bonus - my new favorite thing. Kris with silver hair. I didn't know I needed this.
That's it for this ridiculously long card but I had show some serious love for this foo. He's just...awesome. Can't wait to see you in the new XXX!
he's so goofy!!! I love him tho :)