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After living abroad almost two years, I'm starting to feel miss my hometown where I have access to my favorite stores. American Eagle. Anthropologie. Ikea. Seriously, I've been such a big fan I wouldn't mind working there and if they pay me with those products.
I can always shop online but international pricing and shipping fee is not always the best option. Today, I discovered Anthropologie launched a new store concept which merges all there product into a showroom type of layout. I'm swooned.

It's like one of my favorite clothing store and interior design store in one space.

They divided the store into several rooms. You have the apparel, trend shop, dress shop, intimates boutique, petites shop, shoes shop, jewelry store, beauty boutique, 12-full scale room display, and even a design service!
Currently, the Portland, Oregon and Newport Beach, California store is open and they plan on expanding the BHLD (wedding collection) and even have a restaurant in the store?

Someone, please help me get a grip. I feel like I'm about to book a ticket home just to visit the Newport Beach store.

Omg this is everything! I can't wait until I've found a nice place to live so I can design my own space. It's a little dream fro someone like me who moves around so much.
@TessStevens Yes, that's one of my milestone in life to design my own space. I actually envy you for traveling around. If I had the luxury I wouldn't mind globe trotting. :)