Hello! My name you can see in capitals, my bio already says I'm BTS trash...me bias is the chim (aka Park Jimin!), he totally kills me with his existence (it's how my heart is feeling right now) the wreckers are Suga and Kookie (with Hobi behind him, plus it's a gif though...sorry). But that's not it! I also read fanfics. Yep. I started April 2nd I think? When I first read Liar Liar. I get in touch with its author way too much on Tumblr, just talking about random things and her fanfics too. I blog about fanfic updates for her on Kpop Amino since I don't want her tiring herself out (fanfic authors are human too, just respect their time to write them, please?) I'm sorry, I had to say it. Ok! I should stop here for now!
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