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For all my makeup lovers, if you apply your makeup using a beauty blender -- you're bound to love this amazing launch. This summer, if you ever wanted to purchase your beauty blenders in bulk, your dreams have finally come true. While the price might sound a bit pricey, if you think about it -- you're actually getting a pretty sweet deal. In the beauty blender pro pac, you receive 10 of the black pro sponges for $125.
While a single beauty blender runs you a good $20, you're actually saving $75 if you think about it. The average life span of a beauty blender is about 2-3 months, so if you're getting 10 in bulk -- you literally have beauty blenders to last you a little over 2 years. How amazing is that? If you don't think this is a total sweet deal, you're definitely missing out. You have until July to put your money to the side and contemplate whether or not you're going to invest in this wonderful deal.

Would you invest in this pro-pac?

That's still a lot! I think I'll stick with my beauty store blenders
tbh the beauty blender is overpriced... I have the original beauty blender also another two from real techniques and chichi, application-wise I can't tell the difference, they all give you light and even coverage, but the massive differences in price! I end up purchasing 3 more from chichi, not only it's the cheapest out of all three, it has 4 different shapes to choose from.
neither can I! :) @jlee37
Oh cool. Can't wait!
I dig them though. I will be picking up my canister, and keeping at least 1 in my makeup kit at work
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