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What's On Your Mind?
School. Work. Sleep. Lunch. A combination of all four things. We often think too much instead of just doing. In this beautiful ad, one of my favorite YouTuber's, Claire Marshall reminds us that beauty should be just as effortless as our lives. Don't put too much thought into it.
The ad promotes going mirrorless. Would you be able to go without a mirror for one full day? It's easier than it sounds, or is it? Check out the video and allow it to open your eyes a bit to the bigger picture.

Would you be up for the challenge?

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wow! I need to literally get on your level. I love it! @VeronicaArtino
a year ago·Reply
love, school, anime, friends
a year ago·Reply
I think I could go mirrorless, but I also don't find the mirror to be as stifling as I know it is for some people :) It would be fun a fun exercise anyways, though! I also only own a tiny mirror in my room, lol, just big enough to do my makeup & that's it!
a year ago·Reply
love is always important :) BrittanyBocaneg
a year ago·Reply
I definitely want to give it a try! I know it's definitely possible @hikaymm
a year ago·Reply