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Jimin is such a sweetheart!!♡ #BangtanForever !
*Awww!! He even wants their sons to be in 2nd generation Bangtan together!! :") *

ARMYs. ^^

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Ohhh! If they are all girls 2nd generation Bts can be a girl group! 😆😆 @Znae
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@PolarStarr the whole thing is talking about the future, and that is not set in stone.
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I know but its a sweet thought.♡ The fact that Bts want to be together forever is really heart warming and just shows that they really care about eachother. @Znae
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i hope my kids will be part of the 2nd generation A.R.M.Y. 😭😭😭
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Same! ^_^ @CarleB
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