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We all seem to feel some type of way about certain words, for whatever the case may be. While some say potato, some say potatoe. Some say tomato and some say tomato.
Then there's some who say underwear and other's say the correct term for women, which happens to be panties.
An editor for Cosmopolitan, Hannah Smothers wanted to see if she was the only one out there who had a love for the term by doing a twitter poll.
According to the results below, while some happened to be fond of it -- others couldn't say the same.

Do you have an issue with the term panties?

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I say "undies", saying "panties" I can't help but ad a high pitched British accent to it.
It really depends. Sometimes I'll refer them as undergarment if I'm purchasing them in sets (with the bra you know) and sometimes I call them panties.
No issues
Hmm. I've never thought that much into it, really. Some words do drive me absolutely batty, but "panties" isn't one of them. I, however, call them underwear. I just always have. Maybe it comes from growing up in a house full of men? (I was raised by wolves lol. Sorry mom.) Isn't it interesting how we all have a different preference for something so truly insignificant? Lol I love words... I'm such a nerd.
I've never said panties ever, I only have ever used the word underwear or ropa interior wich is the spanish word for it