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Genre: Angst (Kinda fluff, I’m sorry)
Pairing: Reader x ???
Length: 3505 words
Warning: Intimacy, Swearing
Summary: He was my everything, but to him we were nothing.
Part: 20/20
When I woke up, I was still pissed off. Surprisingly, it was Taehyung who had woken me up. “Yah”, I grumbled, turning to face him. “How are you up before me?”
“You were moving about all night. You fell into a deep sleep at like 3 am”, he explained. I gave him an apologetic look. I could tell by the circles under his eyes that I had kept him up.
I got up and stretched, Taehyung’s shirt lifting to reveal more of me than I cared for, but right now I was tired and grouchy. “He isn’t back yet, right?” Taehyung shook his head.
“I went to check. It’s 8 am, everyone’s still asleep, and his room is empty.” It was funny how neither of us were saying Jungkook’s name. I showered and changed back into yesterday’s clothes, thanking Taehyung for his shirt.
“Are you feeling better?”, I asked him cautiously. Krystal’s voicemail had clearly upset him last night, but he actually looked OK this morning. He nodded. “I’m fine. Are you?” I smiled at this ridiculous small talk. “Ask me again in a couple of hours”, I replied and he laughed.
Jungkook. Even thinking his name made me see red. I had given that son of a bitch a chance after he had pestered me for so long, and he hadn’t even lasted a day. I imagined him spending the night all tangled up with Krystal and I gritted my teeth in anger.
Just as I was thinking this, we heard the faint sound of the front door creaking open, and clicking shut. He was back. And he didn’t know I was here. I looked up at Tae- he had heard the door too.
I wasn’t mentally ready to face Jungkook just yet. What if I cried? I hated crying in front of people, and I was surprised I hadn’t actually broken down yet. I was just in this denial stage, feeling numb.
Taehyung walked over and gently shut his door, understanding that I didn’t want to see Jungkook just by my facial expression. We had done this before- him hide me from Jungkook in his room. I reached over for his hand and squeezed it gratefully.
I actually held my breath as we heard his footsteps pass right by. Did he actually think I didn’t know? Did he take me for a fool? Well, clearly. So had Yoongi, and look where that got him.
“C’mon let’s go to the kitchen and eat something, he’s gone in his room”, Taehyung whispered. I followed him because one, I was hungry and two, the further we were from Jungkook right now, the better. I really wasn’t of a violent disposition, but god help Jungkook if he came near me today. Or if he tried to cover his sorry ass.
“Toast?”, Taehyung asked, once we were downstairs. I nodded. “Thanks Tae. I don’t say this enough, but you do so much for me.” He put a finger in his mouth and pretended to puke and I snorted. “Too cheesy? Sorry.”
We were in the middle of chatting and munching our toast (Taehyung hadn’t even made toast, it was literally just warm bread), when Yoongi came in. His very presence was enough to silence us. Taehyung froze mid-bite, and had it not been Yoongi stood there, I would have laughed at how ridiculous he looked.
He wasn’t paying attention though. He stared at me and uttered one word. “Why?” I put the toast down and looked at him. “Please elaborate.”
“Why did you give it back?” He was talking about the ring. “Keep it for the one you truly care about”, I retorted, making him frown slightly. He diverted his eyes to the floor and I sighed.
“Yesterday, I saw you weren’t wearing yours. That’s when I realised there wasn’t a lot of point in wearing mine. So I’m returning it. Keep it safe Yoongi. And this time, give it to the one you know you’ll keep those promises to.”
The silence that ensued was crazily uncomfortable. Finally, Yoongi nodded like he only just understood what I had said. I felt terrible, but of course my memory had to rack up the image of me standing in the living room, holding his present, listening to the crude noises of him and Suzy.
He looked up at me one final time before shuffling back out. I exhaled, trying to keep those damn tears in. Yoongi was my first everything. My first mutual love, my first boyfriend- even my first time. Letting go of him hurt.
But I had realised that I was the one who had been clinging on, to keep the relationship going- he was the one who wanted the freedom. But now that he got it, he was lost again. But hindsight was a wonderful thing.
Ten minutes later the two of us were done. “I’m totally telling Jin you can’t even make toast”, I laughed silently, aware that Jimin, Namjoon, Jin and Hoseok were probably still asleep. “The toaster’s broken!” He insisted. “Yeah, yeah that’s such a shit excu-”
There he was. Standing in the living room, his face practically pleading guilty. He looked like he had had too much to drink last night too. Jungkook. My initial surprise was replaced slowly by an overwhelming annoyance at just seeing him standing there.
“Morning guys”, he waved at us casually, before smiling at me. “Hey, when did you get here?” When he cocked his head, a saw a small bruise on his collarbone and almost freaked right there and then.
I tried to tone down my glare and unclench my fists as I replied, “I’ve been here all night.” That’s when his face fell. “W-what?” I smiled at him humourlessly. “You heard.”
Taehyung was silent throughout, knowing that this was going to blow up anytime soon. I glanced at him and could see his eyes nervously darting about, wondering what to do.
Jungkook opened his mouth to say something, but I turned on my heel and started storming off, unable to see his face any longer. “Y/n, wait”, Jungkook called after me. He took a couple of strides before he had caught up, and grabbed my wrist, halting my movements.
How dare he? How could he have the audacity to even try to explain himself after spending a night with that bitch? First Suzy, now her? I tried to snatch my wrist away but he was too strong. “Fucking let go”, I demanded angrily.
“Please”, he pleaded, as Taehyung started to move towards him from behind. I subtly shook my head at Tae and he stayed put. No way was he going to get into a fight for me.
“Babe.” That’s when I flipped.
“DON’T FUCKING CALL ME THAT!”, I shrieked, making both boys jump. I was normally quiet, a passive aggressive, so I wasn’t surprised at their shocked expressions. Jungkook was actually shocked enough to let go of my wrist, hand dropping to his side.
“Calm dow-”
I cut him off just as Yoongi appeared at the top of the stairs. He stood there watching, but didn’t come down. He had obviously just heard me shout.
“Don’t tell me to fucking calm down”, I seethed. “This is the second time...the second time you tell me you love me and then go and fuck someone else within 24 hours! And we all know the second time is not a mistake, it’s a god damn choice!”
He raised his voice too, to match my own. I knew Jungkook to get violent, after I had seen him hit Yoongi with my own eyes, but I was too angry to care. “She tricked me godamnit!”
“Save me the sob story”, I sneered. “I don’t give a shit, you can go straight back to her.”
“Y/n...”, he reached out to touch my shoulder, but I stepped back. “Don’t touch me.”
“Just hear me out! Please!” He yelled, abruptly grabbing my shoulders and shaking me, like he was willing me to see sense. I acted on reflex and kicked him hard in the groin, and he dropped to the floor.
I heard a tired voice grumble, “The hell’s going on...?”. Namjoon. In fact, by the sounds of it, all the boys were now awake.
And that’s when I unleashed hell. He sat up and I pushed him flat on his back before straddling him, and throwing a punch. It was a measly attempt at hurting him, and he just lay there and took it, not even fighting back.
“You sonofabitch!” I screamed, the tears spilling as I spoke. “Y/n stop!” Taehyung shouted. Before I could comprehend what was happening, I was being pulled off him by two different people.
Through my tears I watched as Jin and Namjoon appeared to help Jungkook get up. He shrugged them off and got up himself, not taking his eyes off my struggling form. I glanced at the two people who had grabbed me.
On my left was Taehyung, and on my right, Yoongi. “Let go!”, I cried, struggling in their grasps while they effortlessly held me in place. “Y/n, calm down!”, Jimin said. He was at a loss for words- they all were. None of them had ever seen me like this.
“Hoseok, get her some water”, Jin ordered. Him and Namjoon were still stood closely behind Jungkook. “What the hell’s going on?”, Namjoon demanded, looking between me and Jungkook.
I pointed towards Jungkook using the arm Yoongi was holding. I was gasping for breath through my tears. I felt Taehyung slowly let go of me, knowing I was too upset at this point to charge at Jungkook. He motioned for Yoongi to do the same.
“He screwed her over hyung”, Taehyung spoke sternly. “She gave him a second chance and he spends the night with Krystal.”
Hoseok came back and handed me the glass of water. I took the tiniest sip, mindful of the fact that he had gone and bought it for me, before Taehyung took it away from me to put on the table.
“What the fuck ,Jungkook?” Namjoon asked, agitated at his stupidity. Jin was soundlessly shaking his head and Jimin literally facepalmed at Taehyung’s words.
“I’m trying to explain what happened”, he spoke through gritted teeth. “But she won’t let me speak!” I crossed my arms and jutted my chin towards him, silently telling him to offer whatever dumb ass explanation he wanted.
I wasn’t just hurt, I was broken. How much could a girl take? “Krystal texted me yesterday acting as y/n. I called her saved number and there was no response, so I assumed the new number to be her. I get to the club at the agreed time, only to get annoyed and drunk thinking she’s stood me up!”
I noticed he wasn’t talking to me. Or anyone in particular. He was just staring at the floor like he was talking to himself.
“The minute you saw Krystal, you should have come home”, Hoseok said, breaking the silence. I was shaking, with rage and dejection. My breathing was laboured and I could barely see anything through my tears. I did however, see Jungkook look up at me.
“Y/n I swear it was a mistake, it just...happened.” I scoffed at the pathetic explanation.
“It just happened?”, I repeated, with a humourless smile on my face. “Right Jungkook. It all makes sense now, you’re forgiven. Because it just happened.”
He stepped forward and everyone in the room tensed. It made me feel a fraction better knowing they were all on my side and no one was going to stick up for Jungkook and his fuck up.
I uncrossed my arms and immediately clenched my fists. If he tried anything, he would get it. I knew I hadn’t hurt him physically- I wasn’t that strong- but it wouldn’t stop me from trying.
“I am sorry y/n. OK? I regret it, and I was stupid to fall for it.” His apology sounded generic and forced, with no hint of actually being apologetic.
“No, you’re not”, I told him, shaking my head. He looked instantly annoyed at how I brushed him off. “You’re not sorry. And you’re not mine. I can’t believe I thought I could give you a chance.” I was whispering, but he could hear me loud and clear.
I heard him huff in annoyance, before he suddenly shouted, “It was a mistake damn it!”
“Keep your voice down”, Yoongi ordered. Yoongi knew from experience that shouting at me only made me cry harder, only made me hate the other person more. Yoongi knew.
Shaking my head at him, I turned to leave. I was done. Jungkook wasn’t for me, clearly- I should have realised from the first time, when he had slept with Suzy in his drunken stupor.
“I’m such a fucking idiot”, I muttered as I walked through the gap between Yoongi and Taehyung. “Y/n, wait!” Jungkook called, going after me.
“Leave her be Jungkook!”, Namjoon spoke, but of course Jungkook ignored him. He was Jeon Jungkook, the boy who could do whatever the fuck he wanted.
He must have pushed past Yoongi and Taehyung easily because he yanked me back by the arm. With my free hand, I hit at his chest. “Don’t touch me Jungkook!” I yelled.
“Just hear me out. plea-”
It was Taehyung who pushed him away. He let go of me in shock, almost falling to the floor from the way Taehyung barged into him. “She asked you to let go”, Tae spoke. His voice was calm, but I saw his eyes flash with anger.
“This is nothing to do with you”, Jungkook spat. “I don’t want to end things based off a misunderstanding.”
“What misunderstanding? Krystal tricked you. Instead of coming home, you go and drill her in her bed!” I rubbed at my arm, because Jungkook had dug his nails through my sleeve and into my skin, and it felt pretty sore.
“Y/n. Go home for now. You can come back once things have calmed down here”,
Hoseok spoke gently to me, whilst glaring at Jungkook, who in turn was glaring at me.
“Good idea hyung”, Taehyung responded for me, ushering me out, whilst Yoongi stood between us and Jungkook, stopping the younger boy from coming after us.
Taehyung actually helped me put my freaking shoes on and I smiled at him despite the never-ending flow of tears. “Thanks Tae”, I whispered as we both left the house.
As soon as he slammed the door shut, the muffled shouting from inside ensued. It was funny- the boys didn’t want to argue while I was there, but they were loud enough to be heard practically anywhere.
“C’mon”, Tae said gently wiping at my eyes with his sleeve. “Let’s go home.” I let him drag me by the hand as we walked away. Away from all that heartbreak that had been suffocating me for so long. Away from Yoongi. Away from Jungkook.
Taehyung glanced at me. I must have looked a wreck because all he could mutter was “Aish.” We got back to mine relatively quickly, and I flopped down on the sofa, my limbs not wanting to function any longer.
Taehyung took a seat next to me, his whole demeanour stiff and tense. He was leaning forward, his elbows resting on his thighs, while I leant back, staring at him.
I swallowed and spoke up, apprehensively, as Taehyung rarely ever got this annoyed. “Tell me I'm an idiot Tae.”
He turned to face me, his annoyance masked by brief confusion. “Tell me I make bad life decisions. Tell me it was my fault for taking him back. Say something.”
He shifted his whole body to face me. “Yeah. You are an idiot. But not for those reasons.” I gave a weak grin in response to his insult. “You’re an idiot for crying over him again”, he chastised gently.
“He’s my friend y/n, but believe me, he’s not worth it. I...I hate seeing you like this. Don’t cry.”
My eyes scanned his face, being met with nothing but sincerity and warmth in return. He sure had patience, to deal with me and my bullshit practically all the time. “I won’t cry if you put on a dress like I asked you to”, I half-laughed, half-sobbed.
“Yah!”, he exclaimed, laughing with me. “Deal.” He pulled me in close for a hug, now that it was his turn to comfort me. I sighed in his arms. “You’re the best Tae”, I mumbled.
“No. I’m a pabo. I’m almost as bad as you.” I could hear the smile in his voice. “What? No, you’re way worse than me! But I’m curious. Why are you calling yourself a pabo? That’s my job.”
He stroked my hair as I spoke into his chest. I could have honestly fallen asleep like that, it was so comfortable. “I’m a pabo because if I had told you how I felt earlier, you wouldn’t have had to go through all of this.”
“And I’m a pabo for making a move when you don’t feel the same way.” He added as an afterthought.
Little did he know I had always liked him...more than a friend. Always, since I met him. Before he even introduced me to the boys and I had got with Yoongi. But unfortunately, life never pans out the way you want it.
The day I was going to tell him how I felt, he was bouncing around excitedly around his room because Krystal had asked him out. I remember how my face had fallen, before faking a smile for his sake and congratulating him. It would have been cliché to say I was miserable ad depressed.
But no, I was happy because Tae was happy. And you have to move on in life- my method of moving on was Yoongi. I convinced myself that Taehyung was just a crush and that my first real love was Yoongi. And I believed it.
“How do you know that?”, I mumbled, the tears slowly ceasing. “You haven’t bought up the kiss once. You’re avoiding the topic”, he replied, his fingers still raking through the strands in such a relaxing manner.
“Aish I’ve had a lot on my mind Tae”, I explained, gently pulling away to look at his face. I swallowed. “How long have you liked me?” I wanted to talk to him freely, now that I didn’t have any other worries.
“I realised it when you said yes to Yoongi hyung”, he confessed, not breaking the eye contact. I could see his eyes tearing up. “I hated how he claimed you as his and treated you so horribly. He would shout and you would just take it. I hated tha-”
Before my mind could process my actions, I had leant forwards and placed my lips on his, the two of us crying once more. I was sat on my knees now, my fingers tangled in his hair. I pulled away when I could taste our salty tears mingling with the kiss.
“Would you believe me if I told you I liked you longer?” I asked. “I was going to tell you but she had beaten me to it.” I gave a sad smile. The one who truly liked me, who truly cared, had been at my side all along.
He looked mildly surprised, then guilty. “I’m sorry, I didn’t kn-”
“Don’t apologise for not being able to read minds Tae”, I gave a small laugh as he moved me into his lap. “I-i think I love you y/n”, he murmured into my neck as I hugged him closer.
“You think?” I repeated, laughing at how nervous he sounded. “I love you”, he corrected himself. I cupped his face and pushed him back so I could see his face.
The cheesy grin and expectant gaze were enough for me to reply, “I love you too.” And I knew that this time, it was mutual.
We stayed in our embrace for quite some time, before I heard his muffled voice ask, “Can I move in?” I giggled, at the unexpected question. “You don’t have a room-mate and I don’t like seeing you live alone.”
I ruffled his hair. 24/7 with Taehyung sounded fun. “Please do.”
It was strange. I had thought that Yoongi was the one, after being with me so long. I thought he needed me as his only source of pleasure and happiness- he didn’t.
Then there was Jungkook, who I thought was there to pick up the pieces after it had all gone to shit with Yoongi. I thought that he actually loved me, his long-time study buddy- he didn’t.
And I sat there on Taehyung, neither of us wanting to be the first to let go, I smiled. Despite what had happened earlier today, or even in the last few weeks, I was smiling like there was no tomorrow. Because I was with him, my best friend, Kim Taehyung. The one who I thought would never love me- but he did.
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trying not to flip out I'm in class rn Lol the feels*clutches chest* thanks kookie you showed her U a fuck boi 😂😄 tae tae take care of her
aweee I'm so sad it's ended!!! But she made a great decision picking Taehyung!!! He had been there all along!!! <3 I loved this story so much!!
Its about time, I'm so happy for her, she's been through so much and now she finally has a great guy to call hers.
I am so sorry right now...And I know I ship her with Taehyung and everything. And I know she's been fucked up a lot in this story, but......THOT....I am so sorry again, she wouldn't even listen to Jungkook, that wasn't even his fault so yeah....All I had to say was thot..Boi. 😑😑😑😕😕😕😂😂😂
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