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There's a new hair-nomenon on the brink and it seems like everyone is giving it a try. If you grew up doing arts and crafts, you're probably more than likely familiar with stenciling. This trend has been taking the world of social media by storm after hairstylist Janine Ker of Salon Aguayo, debuted the fun and easy to create trend.
With the stencils and hair dye color of your choice, you can easily recreate this trend in no time. With the summer right around the corner and festivals in full swing, this trend is taking tresses by storm and helping people create that artistic statement that we all love. In the video below, Phillip and Holly present a live demonstration of hair stenciling on their talk show, This Morning.

Would you ever give stenciling a try?

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I would definitely try this for festivals!
2 years ago·Reply
right!!! it's pretty amazing and creative @KDramaKPop1015
2 years ago·Reply
yeah, I don't think it would work with every style @hikaymm
2 years ago·Reply
I can definitely see it being worn at a festival for sure @HairConfetti
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