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And the roller coaster begins! hold on to your seats. it's a little longer but I hope you enjoy
I'm not sure how long after that I avoided Bobby, not that well I might add with him living next door. How was I supposed to react was he only joking, or was he being serious, but did that mean he liked me? There was no way right? So many questions ran through my head that I wasn't sure how I used to act around him, I felt as if I had been cast under a spell. “ Y/n were you listening? I swear you have been spacing out more than usual.” Hanbin sighed waving his hand in front of my eyes breaking my train of thought. “ Umm.. No sorry I was thinking about something what were you saying Binnie?” I tried to cover quickly before they could ask any questions, but not before they exchanged a look. “ We were just planning our birthday.” Bobby said with a smirk before looking closer towards you. “ You haven't forgotten our birthday have you?” He all but yelled as he jumped out of his seat being over dramatic as always. “ I didn't realize it was already that time of year my mind has been else where.” I slightly laughed rubbing the back of my neck avoiding eye contact. “ So what are we doing this year?” I quickly asked not giving them the chance to ask me questions. “ Well we were talking about going to the Han river it has been a while since we all went together and it.” Hanbin started, but was quickly stopped as Bobby quickly placed his hand over the other boys mouth while he tried to laugh it off. “ I don't know what you guys are planning, but that actually sounds like fun.” I said looking between the two of them. ' I wonder since when did they keep secrets from me' My thoughts started to run wild once again watching them. Bobby never acted any different than usual maybe it was only me who suddenly became overly aware of him. Since when did I start thinking about him all the time? Search as I might I couldn't find the answer to my questions as the days quickly flew by, until next thing I knew our birthday had arrived. “ Y/n did you have plans today?” My father asked as he lightly knocked on the door waking me from my slumber. “ Mmm Hanbin, Bobby, and I were going to play near the Han river at that park.” I said groggily rubbing my eyes to see a disappointed look cross his face. “ Okay well just make sure you are back by five remember we are leaving tonight to head to your grandmothers house for Christmas break.” He smiled before closing the door once again, but quickly opened it once again. “ Happy birthday sweetheart.” He chuckled as Bobby came running into the room. “ Y/n Happy Birthday!! Hurry up Hanbin is waiting for us.” He smiled jumping on the bed trying to force you to get up, but he wasn't expecting your face to turn bright red. “ Hey are you feeling okay your face is really red?” He quickly pressed his hand against my head checking for a fever only to sigh with relief. “ Don't scare me like that hurry up and get dressed okay!” He bounced out of the room as quickly as he came as questions formed in my head once again. “ Why did I blush.” I sighed touching my face as a thought crossed my mind that I would of never thought possible. “ Do I like Kim Jiwon?” I quickly tired to shake the thought, but the more I thought about it the more sense it started to make. “ Don't take all day Y/n!” Bobby yelled through the closed door snapping me out of my thoughts. “ Yeah okay give me a minute!” I yelled quickly throwing on some old clothes running out of the door. Next thing I knew the world was spinning, or more accurately I was falling after colliding with someone standing outside my room. After what felt like hours we finally hit the ground with a loud thud, but what neither of us expected was when we fell our lips crashed against each others. It wasn't like those fairy tales you read, but more along the lines where my head smashed into his and our lips happened to touch painfully drawing blood. Only then did I realize Bobby was the one who I had ran into as we both finally opened our eyes then quickly jumping apart. “ Y/n Are you okay?!” Bobby quickly pulled me closer to get a better look at the now bleeding cut on my lip. “ I.. I'm fine!” I yelled trying to cover my lip only for him to pull me along with him to the bath room. “ You are anything but fine you idiot!” He said sternly as he started to clean the cut while scolding me like an old man. “ Well why were you standing right there!” I tried to find anything to say so not to focus on him. “ Idiot so this is my fault?” He laughed shaking his head while he finished cleaning the cut. “ Well no... Okay fine I am sorry idiot and Happy birthday.” I said avoiding eye contact making him laugh. “ Let's hurry Hanbin must be worried sick.” He smiled grabbing a hold of my hand pulling me along after him. Shortly afterwards we were face to face with a very upset Hanbin. “ What took you two so long do you have any idea how long I have been waiting for you!” He yelled as we tried not to laugh having never seen this side of him before. “ You should get mad more often Binnie!” I smiled giving him a nudge as Bobby quickly agreed. “ Well I am mad! Here Happy birthday!” He yelled shoving two small wrapped presents towards both of us as a blush crept on his face. Not wanting to waste anytime we quickly tore into the packaging revealing two identical rings on a silver chain. “ I have one as well they are best friend rings, and since they won't fit our fingers yet I got us each a necklace to wear them on.” He bashfully said while pulling out his own matching ring. “ It's the best Binnie!” We both yelled tightly wrapping him in a bear hug as he awkwardly stood in between us. “ It was nothing guys..” He said while trying to maneuver away, but ultimately failing to do so with a sigh. “ I will never take it off.” I boasted as we finally parted looking proudly towards my friends. “ So what did you get me Y/n?” Bobby smirked heading your way. “ That's what I forgot!” I gasped hoping to fool of them, but that was the down fall of knowing someone to long they always see right through you. “ Uh huh cough it up Y/n or I will come get it.” He inched closer with a smirk. “ Never!” I erupted with laughter quickly turning to run, but naturally he was faster pulling me off the ground as a yelp escaped my slightly parted lips. “ Bin come help!” Bobby quickly called for back up as Hanbin came running trying not explode with laughter. “ Give it up or you go in the river!” Bobby playfully said while Hanbin quickly followed along. “ You wouldn't dare Kim Jiwon!” I yelled flinging around trying to escape with no avail. “ Oh I would and you know it.” He laughed as you finally sighed giving in. “ Fine let me go so I can grab it.” I sighed standing up digging into my pocket defeated. “ Here happy birthday hope you like it.” I smiled holding my hand out as he quickly grabbed it. “ Y/n! You didn't!” He yelled quickly jumping up and down with excitement. “ Binnie look she got me a Pooh bear ring!” He smiled happily attaching it to the necklace along with the other ring. “ I thought you would like it.” I smiled proudly towards the what could only be described as fangirling or in his case fan boying Bobby. “ Like it? I love it thank you so much!” He pulled me in for a hug twirling us around happily. “ What about me?” I said not falling for his attempt to change the subject. “ Oh yeah I will give it to you before you leave.” He smirked before running away leaving me standing there only for a moment until it turned into a full blown chase that lasted almost the rest of the day. Finally after catching him we all three fell to the ground exhausted, laughing, and out of breath. “ Let's make a promise to spend our birthday's together every year.” I smiled looking towards the others as they exchanged a look that seemed odd before they both agreed. “ Of course we always have why would it change now.” Bobby smiled ruffling my hair just as my parents pulled up yelling for me. “ I guess it's time to leave I will see you guys after Christmas.” I smiled hugging them both quickly before heading towards the car. “ Hey Y/n!” Bobby quickly yelled running towards me before rapping his arms around me tightly. “ What's wrong Bobby?” I asked unsure why he was acting so different than just a minute ago. “ You almost forgot your present.” He smiled pulling a box out of him pocket handing it over, but quickly added “ You have to promise you won't open it until you get to your grandmothers house okay?” He smiled almost sadly something about his look made you quickly agree to his crazy request. “ I promise Bobby I will see you when I get back.” I smiled before I knew what I was doing I kissed his cheek after realizing what I had done I quickly took off running to the car without looking back. Bobby stood frozen for what felt like entirety until Hanbin came over pulling him out of his daze. “ You are going to miss the plane.” Was all he said but it felt like a million knives stabbing into him ripping him apart. “ I know I have to go, but promise you will watch over her.” He started to cry as Hanbin pulled him in for a hug as his eyes started to tear as well. “ I will, but I am more worried about you it won't be the same without you here.” He cried finally losing it as the two boys stood there crying together. “ I will miss you guys so much, but I promise I will be back!” Bobby said trying to wipe away tears just as his parents pulled up signaling him it was time. “ I will see you again right?” Hanbin cried not wanting to say goodbye as they hugged once again before he had to leave. “ I will be back before you know it take care of yourself Binnie!” Bobby yelled out the window as they disappeared down the road leaving Hanbin alone for the first time since he was five. As soon as we finally pulled up to my grandmothers house I quickly tore into my present from Bobby since I promised, but quickly my heart sank. “ Dear Y/n if you are reading this I am so very sorry, but my parents are making me move to America because my dad got a better job offer. I didn't want to leave, but they are making me so by the time you read this I will already be gone. I am a coward for not telling you in person, and I can already hear what you will say ' Kim Jiwon you idiot how dare you leave me with out even saying goodbye!' Or something along those lines. This isn't goodbye forever I promise I will come back and you will be my wife one day. Keep this ring as a promise Y/n I will be back for you, but keep a look out for Hanbin he is going to need you by his side.” There was more to the letter but my vision was blurred by the many tears that sprang from my eyes as I tightly clutched the small heart shaped ring.
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