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Annyeong kitties! Reporter Taemi here! I have some beautiful news! U-Kiss is making a comeback! The wait is finally over. On May 18th, U-Kiss hosted a live broadcast on the V-app to talk to the fans about their upcoming music video and they sung a little bit of their new song. They also showed off their new hairstyles! They stated, “It’s been around a year and a half since our last comeback in Korea, and if ‘Playground’ was a medium-tempo softer side concept, this time it’s going to be a really powerful dance track.” NH Media, their agency stated, “The members are focused on working on their new album, with the goal of staging a comeback in early June. They are currently working on the post-production stage.” You can see that they are really happy and excited about their comeback. It's been a year and a half. They are on the set of filming for their music video so they are currently getting everything together! Recently they have been active in Japan and the latest release was their mini album “Always” in January 2015.


By the way, my favorite U-Kiss songs is "Stop Girl" (Korean & English ver), "That's My Girl", "0330", & "Doradora"! Love these songs, they are good! I miss U-Kiss so much!

Do you have a favorite U-Kiss song?

I'm excited about their comeback! What about you guys? What are your expectations?

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Reporter @parktaemi

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Ahhhhhhhh! @jarviaklipka
U-KISS! I love them and so happy they're finally making a comeback!
u-kiss!!!! no way, I absolutely love their song "te amo" bc you already know it's in Spanrean (completely making up words here)
I love their fast songs!
omg yes finally
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