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Recently I've been seeing a handful of people putting up cards talking about the fictional characters (anime and otherwise) that they'd most easily see themselves dating. I think @sophiamor got the ball rolling after seeing a post from @KalynHay. I like the idea a lot so I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon.
Here we go!

Hinata Hyuga - Naruto

I feel like this shouldn't need an explanation, but still, I'll provide one. Hinata is the ideal aprtner - she's supportive and kind, and quietly powerful. She is attentive and caring and she fights tooth and nail for what she believes in.

Rin Matsuoka - Free! Eternal Summer

Rin is just a big soft baby who tries to make people believe he is a tough guy. He's a brilliant swimmer and don't even get me started on the bod of his. I definitely wouldn't mind going a few laps with him.

Levy McGarden - Fairy Tail

I love me some nerds. Seriously. I've been a bookworm my entire life, and I love sharing that part of myself with others. Levy is the same as that- a nerdy bookworm who loves to share in her love. Even her magic, with words, is stemmed from that love of books. Dream girl. Except I wouldn't want to fight Gajeel to win her over.

Elliot Reid - Scrubs

Here's my non-anime addition. Something about this neurotic, insecure yet brilliant young doctor really gets me going. She'd challenge me personally as well as be able to help me out if ever I got sick.
@InVinsybll (●´∀`●)....I dunno...I guess I'll try... thanks for the suggestion
@SymoneBelcher I think you should still make a card!
Usui Takumi from Maid Sama.. that perverted alien but lovable handsome guy from planet pheromones who is willing to save me from any danger.
as long as they drive a ford, i'm in!
waz up with the last one?
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