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Weeeelllll.....I got beehind. AGAIN. And per usual, I've got so much to share with y'all. So I'm gonna share a few songs today. And maybe put out a few more on Saturday. Hope it works out that way lol. Wish me luck! As always this playlist is gonna be all K-HipHop and if you ain't down, skidaddle.


This song was created for a CF and its hella short but I don't even care....it's a jam. Partnered with Kolon Sports, this campaign was to raise awareness of bee extinction. The whole bee theme is so cute. Nevermind all the honey they wasted making this MV.


This Zino track was produced by PEEJAY....y'all remember that collaboration they did last year? I GET LIFTED was an ear pleasing blend of Jazz and hiphop....which sounds meh -_-/// but shxt was lit. I mean it had a friggin saxophone solo and Mama didn't mind. So they're back again and killin' it. The production is fantastic....I hate to be "punny" but the best way to describe this song is colorful. Uugghh I'm so lame lol but seriously this is DOPE.


OMG GUYS......I was seriously flipping my shxt when this MV dropped. I mean I hoped he would release an MV for this track but I didn't expect one. Then he goes and releases one UNDER BRANDNEW MUSIC. I had no idea he had joined the company but I'm seriously so happy. I love the song.....I love Chance. His voice is just mmmm....that falsetto♥ and Paloalto was the perfect choice for the feature. AYE BRANDNEW, FULL ALBUM PLEASE?


San E is back with what he does best IMO. That lazy, sweet, mainstream radio type jam that gets lodged in your brain for hours. @MattK95 is actually in South Korea as we speak and got to see San E live in the flesh.....hella salty at you, bruh.


This guy consistently puts out solid tracks....he's got that whole "I sing my own hooks" thing going for him. I still bump the track he released last spring with Lil Boi called Turn It Up.....uuuuggghhh that's such a jam. But anyway I dig this. Its got those great summer vibes going. And Hanhae♥


Now TK's album dropped a couple weeks ago and he released an MV for "One More Night" which was like....slow jam heaven. I absolutely loved it but I didn't get a chance to listen to the full album, Tourist, until this past weekend and holy shxt, kids, TK wasn't playin' around. The ENTIRE ALBUM is LIT. Like I ain't talking red hot club bangers but it's like cool blue flames. So chill but still on fire....dry ice Lol. Hell I'd rock just the instrumental....I mean TK is an A-1 producer anyway, but the features are on point....Samuel Seo, Hwaji, Owen Ovadoz, Loco, Suran, JJK and of course, the Vismajor crew. But anyway, this track features my tiny but mighty bias wrecker, Babylon and an MC that is quickly moving up my favorites list, Nucksal (hey, he's not a 10, but he's got a very distinct style and he's kinda crazy and I dig that.). His flowwwww♥ and the hook is just intoxicating. But anyway, SERIOUSLY CHECK THIS ALBUM OUT.


Vismajor's been at the forefront of my playlists lately....like AOMG are my baes and I love them deeply but I've got a special kinda love for Vismajor.....Wutan was bae for a minute. I played out his album, ZOORECA. I got into ODEE & Buggy from Wutan and this past year, I dove into Deepflow. His album, Yanghwa was without a doubt one of the best albums of last year. And at the beginning of this year, Nucksal dropped The God Of Small Things (FANTASTIC ALBUM)....and then I was just singing praises over TK's album, Tourist maaannnn....if you don't mess with these guys, you're missing out. This track is off of Nucksal's The God Of Small Things album and it is basically a company track that highlights what Vismajor does best. AND WUTAN'S VERSE IS ABSOLUTE FIRE. My boy kills it.


Maniac is a beast. He doesn't release stuff on the regular so when something does drop, it fxxks you up. And Owennnnn.....I was worried for a split second.....like how do you follow Maniac on the track without sounding like a rookie? But Owen tore it up. I hafta say something tho....who was the wardrobe noona who let Owen on camera in that outfit? I know that's his swag....and he DGAF and normally I wouldn't give two fxxks....BUT HE'S NEXT TO MANIAC.....WHY THE FRUMPY GRAY SWEAT SUIT??? COME ONNNNN....
My son, Crush, also had a comeback....I made a card for the two MV's he released linked (゚∀゚)☞ HERE. I love how this GIF basically immortalized his dab....half of me is proud half is embarrassed.


I mentioned these boys a few playlists ago with their track (゚∀゚)☞ Reborn (linked it just in case). Although this MV is lackluster visually, they're spittin some fire.

niahn__HSAB (허수아비 pt.2)

We're gonna wrap it up here with some chill vibes. I don't know much about this guy but he's under MKITRAIN so he's gotta be good people. This track is chill AF.
Hope y'all enjoyed. xx
okay, but why didn't tablo make a cameo in bee strong? 😂
This is just awesome!!!! It's funny since being here in Korea, I feel like I've actually missed more music than I would have at home XD