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If you're natural than you know all about protective styling and how we usually run to them during the summertime. Whether your form of protective styling involves a weave or braiding technique, the goal is to keep your hair tucked away to ensure a little something we all like to call 'new growth'. I just booked my appointment for next week and I am extremely excited.
I've been so tired of taking extra time in the mornings to do my hair and then twisting my hair at time is a literal drag. I was contemplating between box braids and havana twists -- and I have officially come to the conclusion that I would switch things up and get twist this time around since I rocked the braids last summer. I will be sure to update you all once I get my protective still installed. Let the summer and extra half an hour of sleep begin.

Have you tried any protective styling before?

What's your go to?
I don't think I've ever seen havana twists in person before, but I really love them!!! Please share after you do them lol I'm sure they'll look great :)
thanks so much @hikaymm! I will be sure to share :)
love crochets! can't wait to get my twists tomorrow @TerrecaRiley
I got mine in right now. I just hope my hair's growing cause it's taking a while! oh... it's crochet braids
I do the kinky twists and add color or cornrows with a bun and some color. My summer go to looks.
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