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This pisses me offfff soooooo much BTS literally got chased down while they were on vacation the picture above is jin and jungkook running away. THEY ARE ON FUCKING VACATION!!! Srry for my language but are u serious i'm so done with this fandom. Worst fandom ever. (<---meaning the crazy ppl make it the worst) Yoongi was telling ppl to please stop following them but noooo fans were literally stalking them. ARMYS NEED TO CHILL THE F OUT CUZ IF BTS DON'T GO TO UR COUNTRY DON'T BE EFFIN CRYING. Ik its not all fans but some ppl are just ruining it. Ughhhhhhhhhhh i'm so mad RN.
^^^Is this really what people want to be seen as ^^^^

(I was writing this mad so if i said something that offended you sorry i'm just saying what i feel so don't get ur panties into a watt)

I dont approve of "Armys" chasing them down. Butttttt are they really Armys? See, fans are more than just random ppl supporting other random people. We should have their best interests in mind. letting them rest when necessary, leaving them the Hell alone when asked to, and to be completely honest...They should be able to live like normal people without being fearful.I just wish they could be happy and normal. Yes they can sing, and dance, and rap, and are complete bosses at what they do...But they're humans. What makes them anymore than that? Not putting them down, but please we need to calm tf down.
How can these people call themselves Army's? Hate to be the one to say this, but BTS are real people, too. Like everyone else, they deserve equal respect of their privacy and well being. I read on Tumblr that someone even spied on Namjoon when he was trying on clothes in a store's fitting room...I'm honestly ashamed.
@jenjenkhreim that's ridiculous i'm done i'm trying to not to be mad but i cant i hear more and more things and i'm getting repissed
this just pissed me off to the max like leave them alone they need a break like get a life, stay ur ass home n let bts enjoy their vacation like I'm so mad rn n I wanna cry rn as well I feel so bad for bts
@resavalencia thats just the half of it staff was telling them to stop but they just kept on following and stalking them they tried to ask nicely
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