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This pisses me offfff soooooo much BTS literally got chased down while they were on vacation the picture above is jin and jungkook running away. THEY ARE ON FUCKING VACATION!!! Srry for my language but are u serious i'm so done with this fandom. Worst fandom ever. (<---meaning the crazy ppl make it the worst) Yoongi was telling ppl to please stop following them but noooo fans were literally stalking them. ARMYS NEED TO CHILL THE F OUT CUZ IF BTS DON'T GO TO UR COUNTRY DON'T BE EFFIN CRYING. Ik its not all fans but some ppl are just ruining it. Ughhhhhhhhhhh i'm so mad RN.
^^^Is this really what people want to be seen as ^^^^

(I was writing this mad so if i said something that offended you sorry i'm just saying what i feel so don't get ur panties into a watt)

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I think the good army's should come up with a new fandom, a fandom that completely supports Bangtan and respects their privacy. terrible, rude sasaengs netizens and antifans have ruined the Army. we need to fix it or at least let Bangtan know that not all army are inconsiderate assholes
Honestly this just makes me mad. I don't understand the people who are like this. Like why do you have to CHASE THEM. This makes no sense. if you see a famous person either approach them like a sane person or like a normal person and say hi or just leave them alone and admire them from a far. Honestly I am very disappointed in the A.R.M.Ys that do this type of stuff. Yes I understand you love them and it might be the only chance to met them but to do this type of thing is just redicules ridiculous. They were on vacation and it's the only time they had to relax and just be like a normal person. Yes they are famous and that means they don't have much privacy and there will always be crazy people like the one chasing after them but they are human too. They should at least enjoy their vacation. I hope the crazy people calling themselves are (which you are not because you do this type of things) will realize that what they are doing is wrong. People like that are creating a bad image for the whole fandom and not only that is also affecting BTS. There really should be another fandom that has all the fans that truly love these boys and support them without those crazy fans. Or those fans should have their own fandom and leave the rest of with A.R.M.Y fandom. I would say more but I might offend someone so never mind. I hope BTS doesn't thing most of the fandom is like this or that other people and fandom think we're are that crazy towards them.
How can you call yourself a fan if you're fuckin chasing them down the street?! What the hell is wrong with those people?! They aren't fans, fans don't do that, real fans admire them from a distance like me and my computer screen. CHASING THEM DOWN THE FUCKIN STREET WHEN THEY ARE TRYING TO HAVE A NICE VACATION AND IGNORING THEM WHEN THEY TELL YOU TO STOP IS NOT OKAY AT ALL!!!!! It makes me even more pissed that even if it's just a few people that don't do this stuff they still get bad impressions because they are a fan like I'm mad that just because a lot of them are crazy af ALL of us have to hold that against us. There are some of us that really are good fans but these other "fans" are ruining our images for the rest of us. #BTSprotectionsquad
I sure have missed something today