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So, I saw this Challenge, thought about this challenge, made a 20 song list and worked it down. I'm not sure if I made it within the week of the challenge.... oh well. Original Card: HERE So basically, pick 5 songs to be the ONLY music you listen to for 6 month. I only used the music that was on my Ipod (Sad because FIRE and Save Me aren't on there yet.) and I kept it to KPop (because I love alot of different kinds music).
GD x Taeyang ~ GOOD BOY Why? I'm sort of obsessed with this song. I seriously already listen to this everyday. ((I also love the dance practice more than the actual MV))
GOT7 ~ Fly Why? This song is AWESOME! They are my Bias Group! I love all of them! I love singing along to this song.
GOT7 ~ Just Right Why? This is MY feel good song. When I get the blues I listen to this song. ♥♥♥ This dance practice is THE BEST!! Makes my heartu hurt.
T. O. P ~ DOOM DADA Why? I don't know. It's strange, has stupid lyrics, and is hard to sing/rap along with. It is also my favorite T. O. P song ever. I love the video too. ^u^
BTS ~ 뱁새(Baepsae) Why? Something about this song resonants with me. I seriously love this song. I can't really say with words what this song does for me mentally. The first video is a live stage. Why? I needed to see the dance for this song. The second is a translated lyric video.
So, it's suggested that I tag people, so I shall: @kpopINT @kpopandkimchi @Helixx @PretteeEmm @Viresse I don't know. I don't really have a tag list and I feel like I'm being annoying if I tag random people. ♥♥I have love for: GOT7 BigBang BTS MonstaX Astro VIXX Winner Seventeen AND Anime! So I mostly make cards about these.♥