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Pairing: Reader X Kai School/Fluff Part: 1/? A/N: This is my first fanfic. I would love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy
Y/N POV Thank God it is my last semester. At Ballet Academy. I had auditioned and got the lead for the senior showcase. This year it was a production of Swan Lake. I was excited and could not wait to start next week. They was until I found out who the male lead was. It was no other than the Kim Jong-in or what everyone called Kai. He had tan skin, brown eyes, and plump pink lips. He was talented he was offered to go to Russia to join their dance company. The problem was I always secretly liked since freshman year. On Monday we started at 12 noon. The director came gave us information and the cast did self introductions. Up first was Kai. He spoke so well I was kind of jealous. "Hello I'm Kim Jong-in, but you can call me Kai.I look forward to working with you all" he said with a smile. Now it was my turn , I never liked to speak in front of people. I whispered " Hello I'm Y/N. Please take care of me." Everyone around began to laugh. They shouted "What was that shorty. Couldn't hear you!." I felt angry beacause I ws unsecure about my height. It started to piss me off to the point I wanted to cry. Before I was about to run away Kai stepped up and spoke on my behalf. In a serious tone he says, "Guys Knock it off , she said her name was Y/N." I was shocked and began to smile. After introductions practice had begun After practicing with Kai I stared to like him more and more. He always smiled when he talk to me. I could never act my feelings cause he had a girlfriend. Her name was Kate and she was a bully. She would pick on other girls and call them ugly and fight them in the bathroom. But when she was in front of Kai she played so innocent. What was funny is that she was my under study and that killed her inside. Every time I would try to talk to Kai she always cuts in or pulls him away. God I hated that. On Wednesday Kai and I were going to meet to have a evening pratice to work on the lifts. While practicing his phone was constantly ring not a shocker it was Kate. Not even a hour into practice she had called six times. When we took a break he called her back. Kate POV How dare he have a evening practice with that bitch. I am going to call him and keep calling him until he awnswers. Why won't he answer this pisses me off. A hour Later... He calls me back. "What the hell, why didn't you awnswer my phone call!" Y/N POV I could hear her yelling at him. He look sad and regretful like he did something wrong. It broke my heart to see him look so hurt. When he hung up the phone I act like I wasn't listening to their conversation. I asked "was everything ok?" With the sweetest smile he said "yes." The next day Kate aproached me in the bathroom with her goons.
Hope you enjoyed. Next chapter It about to down. Tag List @PatriciaS