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Hello ! My name is Haya, and I'll be in charge of Donghyuk on Fridays and Seunghoon! I hope to help the rest of the squad make Winner and iKON more known on Vingle!
Donghyuk is my bias in iKON, and an actual angel! Isn't he cute?
Seunghoon wrecked his way up to the top haha How can anyone resist this goofball?
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@AaliyahNewbell sure! I've added you to the list!
@swarrier16 thank you!!!
@AaliyahNewbell no problem 馃槉
June and Mino are my biases in their respective groups but seunghoon is such a bias wrecker and donghyuk is such a cutie. can you add me to the list?
@JustinaNguyen June and Mino were actually my biases before my bias list got wrecked haha sure thing! I'll add you right away 馃槉