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Celebrating Idols Birthdays {May 21}

What's up guys, It's John again. I have some more birthday shout outs for you guys. Check them out below!

Gyuri from KARA

May 21, 1988 Quick Facts: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Sub-Rapper Plays piano Born in Seoul, South Korea

Aron from NU'EST

May 21, 1993 Quick Facts: Vocals and Rapper in group Born and raised in California

Sojin from Girl's Day

May 21, 1986 Quick Facts: Leader and Lead Vocalist Likes cleaning and Writing Songs

Jjun from Map 6

May 21, 1994 Quick Facts: Lead Vocalist Born in Seoul, South Korea Knows Taekwondo
I hope all of these idols enjoy thier birthdays to the fullest! Music Finder: John Evans
happy bday
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