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Hello Vinglers and beloved followers❤ Yesterday I was re watching some Fairy Tail episodes and I couldn't help but squeal and fangirl over ship moments all over again xD. Then I asked myself, what are my Top 10 Ships in FT? (Oh btw I do ship more than 10 ship in FT but top 10 is already a lot xD)
(P.S.) I am including Crack Ships in this!
My Top 10 Ships are... > Gajeel × Levy > Gray × Juvia > Natsu × Lucy > Jellal × Erza > Lisanna × Bixlow > Mirajane × Laxus > Zeref × Mavis > Elfman × Evergreen > Sting × Yukino > Lyon × Meredy

xD So What are your Top 10 Ships in FT?

NaLi for me. also, @BritneyCase. Lucy and Bickslow? I haven't heard that before, and it rather interests me. And yea I don't ship NaLu either.
am I the only one who likes LaLu or lucy and bickslow? maybe oh well. I want gajevy as well..I just don't ship nalu..please don't hate me, yes there cute..but for me meh.
Nali most of the ships in FT I could care less for.
Gajevy, Miraxus, Nali
everyone else yeah, but I don't ship bixanna for sh!t
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