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Hello Vinglers and beloved followers❀ Yesterday I was re watching some Fairy Tail episodes and I couldn't help but squeal and fangirl over ship moments all over again xD. Then I asked myself, what are my Top 10 Ships in FT? (Oh btw I do ship more than 10 ship in FT but top 10 is already a lot xD)
(P.S.) I am including Crack Ships in this!
My Top 10 Ships are... > Gajeel Γ— Levy > Gray Γ— Juvia > Natsu Γ— Lucy > Jellal Γ— Erza > Lisanna Γ— Bixlow > Mirajane Γ— Laxus > Zeref Γ— Mavis > Elfman Γ— Evergreen > Sting Γ— Yukino > Lyon Γ— Meredy

xD So What are your Top 10 Ships in FT?

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thats more acceptable @ImAnOtaku
@JewelHarmer So Nalu fans always tell me, much to my annoyance. I don't dis your ship, leave me to my opinions.
Minerva is evil y is she on that card
@mayarich03 Idk how far you are in the Anime or Manga buuuuut... What was once is no more xD
@AimeBolanos ohhhhhh....