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Okay give me a break but this is my first fan fic! It's about Y/N and Y/N dates every GOT7 member over time. I hope you enjoy!!
"Y/N are you okay?", asked Jackson, your closest friend out of GOT7. "Ya I'm fine why do you ask?", you replied. "Well you're not talking as much today and you always blush around BamBam, is he like, your new best friend or something?", said Jackson. "No! Of course not! I would never trade you for anyone! But can I tell you a secret?" "Sure, but before you tell me the secret, can I tell the rest of GOT7?" "No!", you answered furiously. Once Jackson nodded, Y/N told Jackson that Y/N likes BamBam. After you told Jackson he was freaking out and could barely keep calm. He had to tell someone who Y/N likes. "Can I choose one member to tell?", asked Jackson. "Tell JB because I know that JB won't tell anyone. Plus don't tell him while I'm around that's just weird.", Y/N answered.
The Next Day The members of GOT7 are alone in the dance practice room, BamBam left due to an interview that he had to do. Jackson than took JB into a corner and told him that he has a secret to tell JB and he can't tell anyone. "Listen, you can't tell anyone but, Y/N likes BamBam!", said Jackson. JB was so happy for Y/N! In the next hour GOT7 and Y/N meet up at the mall. "Hey Y/N what are you doing this weekend?", asked BamBam. Once you heard him say your name you suddenly start blushing. "Nothing much, probably just hanging out with you guys." "Oh! Yay! We haven't spent a weekend with you in forever!", exclaimed Youngjae. After figuring out the boys were happy that you would be spending a weekend with them, BamBam spoke and it was something that Y/N would not expect. "You look really good in that dress Y/N! Plus I was wondering if you would like to go see like a movie or something this weekend!", exclaimed BamBam. "Sounds like fu.." Before you could finish Mark of course had to say something. "So are you asking her out on a date?", said Mark. BamBam than nodded. "Like I was saying, it sounds like fun!", you could barely even finish your sentence because of how shocked you were! "Great! Make sure to wear that dress though! I really love that dress on you.." said BamBam before you left. Once you left you called your other best friend and she was so excited for you! BamBam than texted you saying that the date was tomorrow!You were so excited!
My tag list so far only has one person" @BlackJackXXX If you would like to be tagged in the next part please comment if you do! I don't know when Pt.2 is going to come out but I would say before Friday of next week! I hope you enjoyed!!
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