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Alciel/Ashiya Shirou - The Devil Is a Part-Timer

Alciel, or Ashiya, as he goes by in our world, is one of Satan's demon generals. He's basically the den mother of the group, taking care of budgeting, housekeeping, and babysitting Lucifer (everyone's favorite NEET! He almost made this card, but Alciel pulled slightly ahead). He also runs any other errands Maou (Satan) may need him to while he climbs the MgRonald's corporate ladder, including spying on the competition, Sentucky Fried Chicken! He's very anal, which comes in handy, considering his chores, and ever devoted to Maou, but he tends to miss out on the action when conflict arises because he's running back to the apartment to retrieve his cape!

Honorable Mentions

With a broad topic like this, I had to trim down quite the hefty list for this one! Here are the top handful!

Armin Arlert - Attack on Titan

The brains behind the operation! Armin and Eren always dreamed about what it was like outside the walls, so when Wall Maria was breached and Eren decided to join the cadets to fight back, Armin followed. At first he just kind of seemed like the weak best friend, but he's really grown throughout the series, and I think in the end, he became my favorite character (knock on wood). He may not be as physically capable as Eren or Mikasa, but his schemes have revealed that he has a different kind of strength - he's secretly a friggin genius, an adorable little mastermind!

Kazuma - Noragami

Bishamon's exemplar, Kazuma has an interesting relationship with Yato. In the first season, he kind of gives Yato a pass because he owes him a debt, though that is not explained until Noragami Aragoto (I won't spoil it for you). He's very much the voice of reason in Bishamon's camp, possibly in the series overall! Knowing how he owed Yato, Hiyori desperately turned to him when they couldn't find a third regalia for Yukine's ablution, and he later became Yukine's mentor to help him become a better regalia. As a regalia, he originally took the form of a nail Bishamon would wear through her ear, but as a blessed vessel, he transformed into a flower earring and expertly takes care of targeting, precision, and control for Bishamon's whole team.

Sarutobi Sasuke - Sengoku Basara

Sasuke is a ninja spy for Takeda Shingen of Kai, and he's awesome! He's pretty chill and loves to push fellow ninja Kasuga's buttons (but I don't ship it - well, maybe a little...). He's a bit of the comic relief type, but he's also a great source of reason and guidance for Yukimura, especially in the later series.

Klein - Sword Art Online

Kirito's first fangirl, Klein was in the harem before it was cool! Klein was a newbie that Kirito met shortly after the release of the hot new VRMMO, Sword Art Online. He was just trying to get a feel for the game before his pizza delivery came, and Kirito showed him the ropes. And then the plot happened, so no pizza for Klein! :'( Kirito declined Klein's invitation to join his guild because he was a loner, so we didn't see much of him in season 1, but he's probably my favorite character in season 2! (I love comic relief characters; can you tell?) Maybe it's a little weird that a guy his age spends his free time playing video games with a bunch of kids, but whatever!

Nishiki Nishio - Tokyo Ghoul

This guy was a bit of a jerk at first, but he really grew on me! Convinced that he could never trust anyone, he used people, but when he indirectly dragged Kaneki into his mess through Hide and was badly wounded as a result, things started to change. One thing led to another, and he joined the Anteiku crew. I kinda dig his attitude, and I love the way he is with Kimi (girlfriend) after that incident.
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