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Whoa I've just heard news of BTS in Sweden just now from my friend! And let me just say this "That was insane!" People you have to realize that they too are human beings like us. Why do y'all have to act in such a manner? It was really unnecessary to act like that. Can't they do normal stuff without crazy fans watching them let me rephrase that stalking them?
Literally!!!??? This Jungkook and Jin after buying things from H&M running away from a fan chasing after them!
BTS was really unpleased about all the fans actions. To where Taehyung got angry and when Taehyung is angry it's scary cause he's always smiling and such.
And really laughing at suga's accent when he said to stop? Can't you see he was being serious?
Really? Are y'all happy now that you had made BTS upset them? *sigh* we fans really need to chill! I am thankful for other fans helping BTS out , screaming to get fans attention and follow them away from BTS. Their were a lot of people who didn't know who BTS were, like there was this girl that got to hold Jakob's had and she was looking at her phone searching them up? While holding Namjoon's hand not a knowledge Namjoon while he was talking to her?! Please all fans we can do better than this!!!!
OH MY GOSH WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?! Leave them alone?! They do enough for us already?! Give them a fucking break?! This shit pisses me off
@JarviaKlipka omg I would pop a bitch so fast!!!!!! 😑 I wanna see some videos if any of Yoongi. But this made my blood pressure rise! Leave them alone you crazy Swedish fans and let the boys R-E-L-A-X!!!!
so disrespectful and now ppl are going to start blaming the entire fandom for these stupid ppl who aren't even real ARMY, they're sasaengs :((( >:(
Oh my gosh was this just recent??? This pissed me off.....sugas scary mad but tae getting mad everyone needs to stay would be one of the fans trying to distract the others from bts. ..they need a freaking rest without worry.
This is ridiculous i'm tired and done of some pple they have no manners and are not fans in my eyes if u really loved bts u would stand the f back and them have the only vacation they get
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