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The rest of the week he was attentive, texting when he had a moment and if you couldn’t get together. When you mention it to Jak she just smiles,
“I’m glad he’s back to being himself. He really is the nicest guy.”
You look at her with raised eyebrows, but she shakes her head.
“I can’t explain his attitude with you at first; that confused us all. Especially him I think. What I actually think, is that you scared the hell out of him. He didn’t expect you, so he didn’t know how to deal with how he felt for you. I think he’s still that way but getting better obviously.”
You nod, “Has Jiyong heard anything from Lee? Wasn’t she threatening you with charges?”
Jak has a mischievous smile, “She tried. Kyungil threatened her with counter charges of stalking and attempted rape. Ji threatened charges of trespassing and disturbing the peace. All the nuthang members were cited and signed as witnesses. We haven’t heard anything from her since.”
Your eyes open in shock, “Seriously? What about the papers or internet? She could still try and hurt you there.”
Jak just shrugs, “Ji doesn’t think she’ll be that stupid. The thing about nuthang’s is that they stick together. With all the different professions and celebrities in the group, it would be pretty much social suicide for her if she tries.”
“Wow, alright. Well, I hope you and Ji don’t break up for a long time then. Or that it’s a peaceful break-up at least.”
Jak laughs, “Not gonna happen. I intend to keep that man right where he is thank you.”
Two weeks after the filming, Kyungil tells you they finished the MV and are going to review it.
MJA: They finished the edits for the MV. The viewing is tonight, can you make it? We have to sit separate so they can film our reaction for the fans but I’d like you there.
YOU: Can do, that would be great. I’d love to see how it came out.
MJA: The director is really good; he’s worked with us before. I’ll pick up you, dinner with the guys after okay?
YOU: Perfect, haven’t seen them in a while.
MJA: Lol so they’ve also been saying.
He didn’t say it was dressy and it’s just a screening, he’s the one on camera not you. You run home after work and throw on a nice pair of jeans and casual shirt. Just as your running your brush through your hair he knocks and lets himself in. You poke your head out of the bathroom and smile,
“I take it you knew Jak wasn’t home or just hoped?”
“Oh, oops. I forget she lives here.”
You laugh, “Me too sometimes.”
You walk past him and pat him on the butt, “But that’s okay, I like my substitute roommate.”
You thought he let that go until you walk back up to him, “Okay ready.”
He tugs you closer, lifts your chin and gets incredibly close.
“Substitute roommate huh? You’d better mean me in that statement.”
It’s too easy. You look up at him under your lashes,
“You?!? Do you stay here sometimes? Wow, I’d better start telling my boyfriend to text before he comes over, I’d hate to have him catch you.”
He growls and tickles you as punishment. Just as he’s about to kiss you, you put your finger over his lips,
“Have to be somewhere remember? Save it for later, promise?” you give him a peck and walk over to the door.
“Great.” He grumbles as he passes you, “Another night of waiting for what I want because I already promised the guys.”
You just laugh, “You survived before; you’ll survive again.”
He just keeps grumbling so when he sits down in the driver’s seat you lean over, your hand on his thigh, your lips on his ear.
“If you’re a good boy, maybe the wait will be worth it.”
His head quickly turns and he grabs your lips in a searing kiss. When he pulls back he smiles,
“A teaser, something to last me until later.”
It was fun sitting in the audience and watching the guys react to their performance. You aren’t sure how much the camera catches but feel like you’re getting a bigger treat than the fans. As the set designer you scrutinize the background the first time you watch it through. Making sure that everything looked as good on film as it did in the studio. You're glad when they play the video again, the guys joining the audience. You watch Kyungil and the group this time, having him sit there and mention little things and point things out is fantastic. You want to watch all his MV’s like this from now on.
At dinner you get all the comments from the guys. They spend about the first thirty minutes going back over it again, mentioning what they did or didn’t like and what they want to do different on their next MV. When the food arrives, you think the conversation will lag for a bit as they dive into their food with gusto. You're wrong. They simply change the topic and began talking about their upcoming schedule, what and when they have to be places. You try to keep mental notes as they talk but fail miserably.
Kyungil scoops up food in his chopsticks and feeds it to you,
“Don’t worry, I’ll send you the schedule with all the dates.”
You smile while you chew, his thumb coming over to wipe any excess away. You hear groans from across the table.
“Seriously can you two not go a full meal without having your hands all over each other?”
Kyungil looks over and smiles, “I’d be happy to oblige and put my hands all over her. And we’re here with you clowns by your request.”
They all roll their eyes and groans ensue. Kyungil looks over, “You’re all just jelly and you should be.”
You laugh as they all start throwing food at him. He actually catches most of it in his mouth, so then it becomes a game. You've missed being with these fools; they really are a lot of fun.
my favorite word, "jelly" lol
Aww jelly! hehe!😊
awe. dies more
So sweet and fun. How nice to have a secondary roommate, especially when Jak is otherwise occupied. 💜