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NYX Lipstick Collections: Liquid Suede Vs. Lingerie
For awhile I was going through a phase where i wouldn't wear anything other than lip balm, that is until I stumbled across these babies. While I can rarely find these shades in stores before they sell out, I am on a mission to find at least one nude and one color shade for the summer.
Both collections are amazing, but I think I'm personally more interested in the suede collection, oddly.

Are you loving the lingerie or suede lippie collection best?

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my sister is obsessed with nyx . I still need to try the suede collection
a year ago·Reply
I like the lingerie collection
a year ago·Reply
both :)
a year ago·Reply
I"ve never tried any of the lingerie ones, but the suede ones feel great!
a year ago·Reply
Love the liquid suede collection
a year ago·Reply