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Genre: Romance Kpop Korea Fanfiction BTS Word Count: 1,126 A/N: Sorry I haven't updayed, school has been killing me and still is. Yay for an update!
Bright light began to blur my vision. Why am I being blinded? I began to feel my surroundings, trying my best to not open my eyes. My hands glided over what felt to be my bed sheets. Are you telling me that entire thing was a dream!? Why are you so cruel brain!? I slowly sat up, groaning as I began to stretch my ligaments. Ah~ That feels nice. Swinging my legs over the edge of the bed, I wiped my eyes checking the time. 9:45. Good god it is late! I rushed out of bed, trying to be quiet while speed walking to my closet. On my way I stopped to check my calendar and found it was Thursday! Aw, now I have to dress nice! Gosh darnit! I grabbed a black blouse with white stripes on the wrists and grey buttons. I found a white skirt that falls to mid thigh, but it was high waisted so it would hide most of my shirt. I hurried to the shower, only taking 15 minutes to do everything that was needed. I dried myself off, wrapping my hair in a towel so it doesn't get in the way of my makeup and clothes. For my makeup I did a subtle beige smokey eye look, one coat of mascara, and some bb cream in the lightest shade for foundation. I decided I didn't want to be naked anymore while getting ready and put on my outfit. I pulled out the blow dryer and straightener, styling my hair in a straight looking manner, to make it seem longer than it is when in it's natural state; waves to the extreme. I looked into one of the full body length mirrors to see if I looked decent enough for this interview. Well dang girl! You sure can pull it off! I chuckled at my own thoughts. I decided to top it off with some black wedges but I won't put them on till we leave. Walking back into my room I glanced at the clock and found it to be 11:01. I have got to hurry! Wait, is Anong awake? I began to worry. She takes forever to get ready! Oh no. No no no no no no. I stormed into her room to find it empty. Sweatdrop, que. My eyes were practically bulging out of my sockets. Where is she? I looked around, all upstairs. I decided since she wasn't up here, she's downstairs. I smelled food cooking and immediately jogged towards the kitchen. I saw a body, but it definitely was not hers. It was a male, but whom might it be? His back was faced towards me, so I would be able to approach him without being caught. I silently tiptoed my way behind him before putting him in a headlock. Who are you and where's my friend?" I felt tapping but didn't let my guard down. Suddenly Anong walked in on the site and gave a look of horror. "What are you doing to Taehyung!? Let him go!" She stood there horrified. It's like she just saw me kill an animal in front of her very eyes. Taehyung? What? I loosened my grip, letting him free. "Taehyung? Oh my god! I am so sorry! I thought you were some stranger who broke into our house! I really do apologize!" I bowed furiously before feeling a large hand tapping my head, indicating for me to stop. I looked up and saw Taehyung with his square smile and Anong behind him giving me a death look. Calm down woman. If only looks could kill. "It's fine! I didn't know you had that in you!" I shrugged my shoulders before twiddling my thumbs. I didn't know it was you! Anong clapped her hands before telling Taehyung we all needed to leave. We bid goodbyes to Taehyung before we left as well. We didn't go with him because we decided to stop for some bubble tea. Anong got strawberry flavoured while I got watermelon. Goodness this tastes amazing! We finally arrived at BigHit. This is it! We stood in front of the doors for a moment before looking at each other with determined faces. We got this! Opening the door, we walked up to the front desk. "Hello, how may I help you?" "Hello! We have an interview for Nari Hatai and Tou Anong-" The lady cut me off by standing up and motioning us to follow. How rude? I didn't know whether that was rude or not so I questioned my own opinion. "Right this way. We have a special room for you both." Special room? Is it going to be like a room filled with heavenly food and amazing music!? Anong and I looked at each other, furrowing my brows before looking back straight ahead while following the lady. We entered an elevator and she clicked the highest numbered button. Well cheeses! The elevator ride was pretty silent other than us breathing and our hearts beating. Not to mention the great elevator music. We finally got off the elevator, the ding making me jump on the inside. I hope nobody noticed that. I looked over to find Anong stifling a giggle, a small smirk set on her facial features. Great. I rolled My eyes before coming to stop, almost running into the woman who was standing in front of a silver door. She knocked three times before hearing a muffled voice. "Well ladies, here is your room. Have a nice day!" And just like that she walked off to leave us on our own. Anong opened the door walking in first and I followed right after. Closing the door we both walked towards the desk and bowed introducing ourselves. "Hello! We are-" "Have a seat." We both sat down immediately, his tone strict. "We have much to discuss ladies." His chair turned around and a smirk was placed onto his, what I assume was before, serious face. Why does he look so familiar? I let the comment slide and focused on the interview. "First of all. In order for me to ask such questions I need you both to answer one specific question. This is a really important question and can only be answered with a yes or no." We both nodded our heads, waiting for him to continue. There was a slight pause in the atmosphere. I could feel myself begin to sweat a little, and my hands began to shake a little, my nerves getting the best of me. I gulped down my anxiety, figuratively obviously, and placed both my hands on my lap. "Do you love someone?" Yes. Then a sudden thought popped into my head. He's the man from the store.
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