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The boys started cleaning up once dinner was over. They refused to let her help so Jae helped in her place. Jimin was following her down the hall so he could give her clothes to change into. She had not gotten a chance to wash her face so her makeup was caked on with sweat now. She stopped in the doorway to the room Jimin shared with Taehyung and Jung kook.
“Nabi, you know you can come in and sit down while I look for you something.”
“I’m fine I just really need a shower so anything will work.”
“You know you’re going to have to stay. It’s movie night.”
“Right and what did everyone pick this time? I never get a say.”
“They picked Death Trance. They know how much you love that movie.” She bounced around a little.
“That’s one of my favorites. It reminds me of home.” Jimin came over to her handing her sweat pants and a large shirt.
“Do you need any help getting out of your clothes?” She hit him on the chest.
“Park Jimin!” He just chuckled before heading back to the living room with everyone else. “Make sure no one comes back here till I’m done.” He gave her a thumbs up noting that he heard her. Once in the bathroom she struggled to unzip the dress she had on. Maybe she should have asked Jimin to help her. Once off she laid it across the counter so it would not get dirty. Next was her body suit she always wore under her clothing. They were specially made for her with a piece of lace or mesh that covered her mouth built in. It also made sure that no one could see her body even if she had to change where others might see.
Once everything was laying across the counter she started the water waiting for it to heat up before she got in. It felt so good on her sore muscles that she let out a soft sigh. She washed off her makeup before letting her hair get wet. She used Yoongi’s shampoo and soap, she noticed that he had changed it to a neutral smell. Last time she had to shower here it was very manly smelling and her manager had made a comment on how someone might think she was seeing someone. So this is why he specified using this shower.
Once she was thoroughly clean she stepped out looking for Yoongi’s towel that was usually hanging on the wall. It was not there this time and she was too much in a hurry to get clean that she did not even realize that it was not there. Great this is going to be awkward. She cracked the door a little before calling out.
“Yoongi~! Yoongi~!” It was not to long before she saw him walking down the hallway towards her, a fresh clean towel in hand. It seemed like he always knew what she needed even before she said it.
“You get to much in a hurry. I was going to give it to you when I was done with my part of cleaning. Hand me your clothes so I can hang them up for you.” She took the towel closing the door so she could wrap herself in it. Grabbing her clothes, she cracked open the door again handing him the clothes.
“You always know what I need.”
“Dugh I’m your best friend. Now hurry up the movie is waiting on you.”