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Nabi was all cleaned up and dressed, towel draped over her hair. There was a spot on the couch between Yoongi and Jae. Namjoon and Jin had the love seat and Hobi was in the armchair. The three youngest were laying on a blanket in the floor. Tiptoeing over the laying boys she made her way to sit in her usual spot.
“Why do you still have a towel on your head?” Yoongi reached over pulling it off her head setting it on the side table. She pouted at him and he returned it by handing her a blanket.
“This way you won’t be damp the whole time. It’s not good for your health.” She wrapped the blanket tight around her settling in as Jin hit play. Everyone was quiet as they watched except the three youngest who kept a running commentary of the movie. She had seen the movie over twenty times so she did not mind. They must have watched it at least three of the times with her.
Jae was intently watching it; she was sure he had never seen it before. The running commentary did not seem to bother him either. She found herself watching his reactions to the movie more than watching the actual movie. She glanced around quickly at everyone and noticed Yoongi was looking at her. It did not seem to bother him that she caught him either.
The movie was now over and Jin reached over turning on one of the lamps so everyone could see. She was still burritoed in her blanket all nice and warm. The ones on the floor stood up to stretch whining about wanting a snack. She looked over at Jae who was still processing what happened in the movie.
“That’s it? That was the end?” He looked over at her.
“Yep that was the end.”
“Is there a sequel?”
“None that I’ve found.” The look of disappointment on his face made her laugh.
“Don’t feel bad we all had the same reaction when we first saw it.” She could tell Yoongi was trying not to laugh at him. She stretched letting go of her blanket and standing up.
“I need to go to bed guys I have schedules tomorrow.” She was replied with a chorus of disappointment. She moved past everyone making her way to the door.
“Come on Jae we can meet up another time and talk more.” He was already at the edge of the living room thanking everyone and telling them goodnight. They both stepped out into the hallway before they spoke again.
“Sorry if Jin was a little much. He really enjoys having company and feeding them. He only meant for the best.”
“It’s okay I’m just glad they are so nice. It’s good that you have label mates that live close and help you out.”
“Yea they really are a blessing. I would love to talk longer but I have already stayed up to late as it is.”
“It’s okay sleep well. I’ll message you sometime to meet up again. Only a few more weeks and we will be working together. Goodnight.”
“Yea that will be great. Goodnight.” Without thinking she hugged him before slipping off into her own apartment.