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Are you happy? (Featuring Secret Garden)
To a friend. To a lover. When a situation calls for it, you might just want to ask them if they're happy. You can ask them 행복해? (rising tone) And if they're happy, they can answer 행복해. (falling tone) You can also simply express your happiness by saying 행복해!
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@Aero2042, me too....i think TOP was the cuttest and funniest.. Oh and after watching GD being a girl i believe tht he would qualify to be a girl....a pretty one too...;)
4 years ago·Reply
@JinaVang: Yes... GD would definitely make a really pretty girl :P
4 years ago·Reply
4 years ago·Reply
watched it over and over
3 years ago·Reply
I will be if I had a cute kpop idol as a bf
2 years ago·Reply